Dog and Owner Not Guilty-
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    The article says he saw what was going on before he got there, then crashed into the dog. If he saw it coming he should have slowed down or even stopped. I know it's not fair, right of way, yadda, yadda, yadda, but now he's hurt and out a bunch of money for the lawyer. I think I'd rather just put my foot down for a minute.
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    Yeah, that's tough. On one hand, people are really stupid when it comes to multi-use trails. It shouldn't surprise me, because these are the same people who can barely drive, but you stick somebody on a shared use trail and they suddenly lose any concept of the outside world.

    On the other hand, if a cyclist saw Goldsmith holding a toddler on one side of the road and Smith on the other gesturing for the toddler to come to her - no matter how stupid it is to lure a toddler across a trail, it would be even stupider for the cyclist to not be proactive and assume the worst. Substitute dog with toddler, sandwich, rc car, comedicly large pane of should be able to stop for anything.
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    I wonder if he was using an iPod and figured out what led up to it after the collision? So we have either a dummy or a space cadet. I don't like the precedent set, but I think the fault is about equal. You must avoid the accident. That means you must participate by defensive riding. An alternative is that he saw it as a way to hit the dog and get away with it. If so, he got what he deserved maybe less.


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