• 03-12-2018
    b rock
    Do you ride singletrack to work?
    Please tell me about the singletrack on your commute so I can dream. Bonus surprise points for commuting to an urban or suburban hub.

    (My suburban commute is a highlight of my day that I am super grateful for, but off-pavement is where I like to be)
  • 03-12-2018
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    I only live a mile from work so I take the road on my way to work. On my way home I normally do a 10 mile singletrack ride. There's a lot of ups, downs, rocks, switchbacks, and it's old school riding, which I've grown to love. This loop drops me off 1/10th of a mile from home. If I wanted to stay closer to work I have a 3 mile loop by the lake. The lake loop works great for lunch runs.

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  • 03-12-2018
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    I'm not currently a bike commuter but I plan to be one soon. I have commuted a few times and it does involve single track through a NPS park.

    Basically, I'll ride through neighborhoods two miles to the park, then ride 1-1/2 to 3 miles of single track (depending where I cut out). Then along a nice neighborhood road with a bike lane that dead ends at the park. That road dead ends into a really busy road with a bike lane. The bike lane eventually ends, less than two miles from work, and I'll take to the sidewalk. That leads to a very short new multiuse path that isn't quite finished yet but is close. Then a little more road and I'm at my office. Total ride is out 10 miles one way. I've got a CX bikes so since it is mostly road, that's what I'll ride. It's a huge contrast riding the single track compared to riding along the really busy road.

    Without the single track, I'd have to ride a narrow, twisty road with a big hill and a good bit of traffic, no sidewalk I could jump on. On the way home, I probably will take advantage of the opportunity to ride more single track or at least the flat path along the river.

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  • 03-22-2018
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    I wish! Although, on occasion, I'll take the long way home and hit up the local greenway (walking path). But shhhhhhhh, it's "illegal."
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  • 03-25-2018
    b rock
    Wow, ya'll are living the dream commutes. Sweet photos.
  • 04-11-2018
    North of Boston, MA, only singletrack on the way home. 8 miles of dirt out of 20, 3 different park areas. Can take 2.5 hours or so, do more of it when it is warmer and I have more day light.
  • 04-11-2018
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    I have a five mile commute in a first ring Minneapolis suburb. I can take the long way and hit Theodore Wirth singletrack (Minneapolis park) that puts me at about 8 miles if I ride the loops one direction. Obviously could do more of the loops on the way home. 12 miles of wooded singletrack. From the singletrack to Target Field in Downtown is only 4 miles of dedicated bike paths.

    Such a gem.

    Can't see it from the picture but just to the left of the deer is the Downtown Minneapolis skyline.

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    EDIT: 45 North, I'll take any sort of sponsorship $ for the use of this picture!
  • 04-11-2018
    yeah singletrack brakedown lanes...
  • 04-11-2018
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    I commute to a suburb of Seattle. I usually ride a crossbike with tires not suitable for singletrack, every once in a while will ride my MTB and ride this:

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  • 04-30-2018
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    Added some single track to my commute home... maybe 6 of 24 km. The rest is gravel forest roads less about 5 km of asphalt.

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  • 05-02-2018
    Riding a little bit of urban singletrack on my commute at the moment (about 8/16km). I've even got some antiforms to look at.

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  • 05-07-2018
    Not so much on my way to work but if my legs don't complain too much I can ride past my house on my way home and into the parks to ride some single track.

  • 05-10-2018
    He are a couple more shots from my commute yesterday. I think it might have been our last warm ride home as winter is hitting today down here in Melbourne.

    As always it does not look nearly as scary in the photos as it is too ride. One tech section I don't like to ride with the laptop in my backpack as a fall would see me in the river.

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  • 05-10-2018
    Part of my commute for ~15 years was on single track... now it will be more paved paths and city streets :(
  • 06-23-2018
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    My commute is pretty much all suburban through Tempe/Chandler AZ. I hit some canal paths, some 45mph 3 lane roads, and some 25mph neighborhood streets. But occasionally I go out of my way to hit some singletrack on South Mountain that is really a little beyond what my bike was meant for. It's fun, but I break stuff. Latest fatality was the front mudflap, tore right off.
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  • 07-10-2018
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    MTB Commuting
    I commute everyday all year long on my MTBs... lately since there hasn't been any rain I have been riding the single track before work as well.

    Normal commute on the bike path to the office is 7km each way but I turns into whatever I want because the forest seperates my home and office :-)

    I just power off my Garmin when I get to the office so my commute to and from work is on one ride...

    Typical daily commute:
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    Longer day out commute:
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    Winter commute:
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    Sometimes the traffic is terrible:
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