• 09-05-2014
    Did anyone get a Fly6 yet?
    I've seen various reviews and I could see myself getting one, except I don't see the point in only having a rear view. I wish there was a loop-recording cam that could be helmet mounted.

    I guess rear view is better than nothing?
  • 09-05-2014
    depends on where you live. In Indiana, the only people with front license plates that would be identifiable in a rear view camera are people from out of state (like Ohio). If you want to get license plate numbers, you HAVE to have a front facing camera.

    It would be nice to have a system with both a front and a rear facing camera, that recorded both video loops onto a split screen so that they were automatically synced up. That way, you can get both front and rear views on the same feed. Infinitely more valuable, IMO.
  • 09-06-2014
    I have not purchase one. The 15 lumens of light is comparable to the original PB Superflash. Inadequate for daytime visibility at a useful distance. The 720 pixel level depends on the field of view. A wide field of view of a POV camera makes plates hard to read at less than 1080 p.

    You can get a 1080P keychain camera for about $110:

    808 #26 - 1080P Full HD Video Camera Keychain

    And a 2 watt (50 lumen) HotShot:


    So the packaging had better be worth it.
  • 09-10-2014
    the keychain camera, how in hell would you mount that on a bike? 2x4 and duct tape with some PVC pipe thrown in?

    I'm interested in the Fly6, mostly for a piece of mind when I am road riding.
    but I would like to get a forward camera, gopro, contour, etc, first.

    linking the 2 cameras would be very nice, or perhaps link to google glass for a HUD?