Dateline NYC: Cyclist Gets $270 Ticket for Running a Red Light-
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    Dateline NYC: Cyclist Gets $270 Ticket for Running a Red Light

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    Hey, I jay walk and if I could commute to work, I would and would probably break a few laws in doing so. However getting upset when you get caught and claiming it isn't fair especially in the same breath as stating you know it is illegal is sort of elitist.

    The fact is that cyclists have to obey the same laws as drivers. Share the roads, share the laws.
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    The problem with this is that in NYC car drivers can kill bicyclists and pedestrians with very little consequence. As usual the NYC thug police are going after the wrong targets.

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    So you shouldn't ticket someone who breaks a law for no good reason? I agree with Kjlued...break the law if you feel the need to, but don't complain when you are called out for it.

    In fact, the laws are there to protect people, as Ms. Triches points out...even if it is sometimes from themselves.

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    I'm with Kjlued and wschruba, running red lights is NOT ok even at deserted intersections.

    If cyclists ever want to be taken seriously on the road we've got to start following the rules (course even if every cyclist on the planet started obeying all traffic laws all the time we'd still be hated by some).

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    I tried that here. Stoping at every stop sign. It just confuses them more. Or they don't see you anyway when it is your time to proceed and you are in the intersection and they just got there. Drivers here don't stop for stop signs or rights on red unless traffic blocks them. I have rolled two intersections on my bike with cops rolling them against me and they were not in a hurry. Not so much as a talking to. So while I agree in spirit, I have learned that my life depends on me not the rules that most others are ignoring and aim to be predictable, visible, and very wary. Your situation may differ.


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    This all started from the Times Up critical mass demonstrations during the 2004 Republican National Convention. Liberal activists like TU or Occupy Wall Street demonstrate more for the sake of civil disobedience instead of attending meetings and actually accomplishing an agenda. On the other hand Transportation Alternatives has successfully lobbied for and implemented dedicated bike lanes throughout the five boroughs, among other concerns.

    But opposition also stems from not just motorists but residents and business owners, who contest the loss of road and parking space and their negative effects, whether they be actual or perceived. Collisions between cyclists and pedestrians fuels anti cyclist sentiment during civic meetings.

    Nevertheless the right for bicyclists to be part of the traffic can get contentious when they're enforced like the traffic.
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    I have never stopped at a red light ever on a bike, I just go a bit slower and/or Leftish/rightish after the light to eclear the cars as good as possible. Not dead yet, so I must have good judgement. When I'm on a bike it never stops until I get to where I'm going, and thats a rule for me.

    but seriously 270 bux for that?? lol wtf.
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