Dateline Minneapolis: Ice Taking Down Cyclists-
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    Dateline Minneapolis: Ice Taking Down Cyclists

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    Studs are good but full speed and cornering with snow over ice? Not so much. He is old enough and experienced with winter enough to know better. It is hard to tuck and roll with a sudden slide out. The collar bone is a common OTB injury. The pelvis is not.


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    Ouch! This is why I don't ride too much in the winter and why my wife prefers I don't commute when there is snow and ice on the ground. The route I take to work is pretty deserted in the winter and if I went down and got hurt, I may end up not being found for hours.

    I'm glad the rider in the story was wearing his helmet. Great example for his students at his school.

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    It's pretty silly. Ice is slippery, whether on foot, on a bike, or in a car.

    Two of the dogwalkers that I know from our neighborhood broke their hips this winter. I think cycling has made me much more practical about this stuff, because when the time comes to get dorky strap on grips for my shoes, I'm totally going to get them because I'm used to looking dorky. I can't understand why the seniors in a winter city would risk life and limb, but plenty do.

    At least the comments section for the article has the predictable wackjob saying that bicycles should be banned from roads because of this.
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    It has been a long time since I have gone done on ice....

    But what generally causes me a wobble is a small patch of black ice under some snow cover....

    I have gotten to know where most of these patches occur and generally avoid or ride a little straighter over top of them.

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    They made sure he got a new helmet! Aw. They treat him like a ****ing invalid because he rides a bike.

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