Dateline London: Are Safer Trucks part of the Solution?-
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    Here in California, where it seems as though they’ll give anyone with a pulse a commercial truck driving license, well, I think that the process of certifying these individuals as being safe for driving a truck is more the problem rather than the design of the trucks. It starts with simple things—turn signal usage, for example—I narrowly avoided a j-hook turn a few years back (while commuting to work—was less than 1/8 mile from work) from a person piloting a big rig with a trailer who DID NOT use his turn signal indicator when passing me and turning right around the corner. I yelled all sorts of super-loud expletives, but it appeared as though English wasn’t his native language. If they’re letting the UK taxi drivers into big rigs, well, that could very well be a problem— I’ve many friends and coworkers who have traveled to India before, and they can verify the circus/stunt-driver nature of EVERYONE who pilots a motor vehicle there.
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    They could just use the rear view/monitor technology maybe with the warning of a vehicle in the blind spot that some cars/SUVs have. They could be retrofitted and no need to wait 20 years for the fleets to turn over. Getting the drivers to pay attention to this information is a different issue. Texting has been reported in such cabs. I have driven big trucks on occasion at one time, and the blind spots are scary. I also drove an MGB at one time, and can vouch that small sports car drivers would benefit from such video technology on trucks.


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