Dateline Handsworth UK: Bikecommuter Hits Pothole and Dies-
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    Dateline Handsworth UK: Bikecommuter Hits Pothole and Dies

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    Speaking after the inquest his father, Brian Terry, said: “He loved cycling and had four other bikes and had cycled along that route for 19 years.

    “But when it came to helmets he was stubborn and wouldn’t wear one and said he didn’t believe in them.”

    But Mr Terry said he had been told that even if his son had been wearing a helmet, it may not have prevented his fatal head injury.
    Wouldn't be surprised if some "Safety Advocate" person/group uses that as an excuse to insist that all riders use a full face helmet and DH padding from now on. It's a pity that the poor gent died though, since OTB from a pothole could happen to anybody.
    The ridiculousness of cycling clothes increase exponentially in relation to the distance from your bicycle.

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    A truck just ahead of him could have broken through. Even immediately ahead. Surprise! Surprise! With wet pavement, maybe early (dark) commute, he may not even know what he hit. My helmet may have saved me from death in the front tire blow out. Crap happens. Helmets can reduce the damage.


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    Always wear a helmet! My wife had an accident where a helmet most likely saved her life. It can happen to anyone.

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