• 01-31-2014
    Dateline Anchorage: Taking your life into your own hands
  • 01-31-2014
    Great post and blog update! Comments FTLaugh!

    Yesterday, biking home, along Cst, crossing Int. right lane turning cars had to wait as I had RoW. 2nd car back was on the horn, hands waiving at the front car because they had stopped. Everyone is in to much of a hurry to care it seems. As soon as the guy in the 2nd car back saw me crossing, he was off the horn with a, oh shit, look on his face, yup, your the ass now aren't ya?
  • 01-31-2014
    that Alaska law is complete crap. yes, if you enter an intersection, you do have a duty to pay attention, but cross traffic ALSO has a duty to pay attention. In the event that your failure to pay attention results in someone else's death, YOU have consequences to face. The fact that AK does not recognize that is disturbing to me.

    there are a bunch of bills up in Indiana right now and it looks like only some will get due consideration.

    One would have prohibited the use of eminent domain for acquiring land for greenway trails. Thankfully, that one was kept out of committee and died.

    There was another that would have created a 3ft rule. That one is being kept out of committee by the committee chair, a rather overweight guy who apparently doesn't care about bicyclist safety. Indianapolis has one of these, but this one would have applied at the state level. This one makes me sad.

    There's another one that is moving through the legislature that would allow motorcyclists, scooter riders, and bicyclists to treat stoplights as a stop SIGN, so long as they wait 120 sec, and wait for the intersection to clear. That one passed the house this week and is moving to the senate. I am convinced that it is only because it also included language applying to motorcycles, as it really only applies to convenience rather than to safety.
  • 01-31-2014
    Many jurisdictions require that motorists yield to vehicles immanent on entering an intersection. That is for that change of light. If the light has been red for some time, you still have the obligation to avoid an accident if you can, but it would be the red light runner's fault. A death from a traffic violation in some places can be vehicular homicide. I think is life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness seems to have been violated. Maybe the Alaska Supreme Court would see it differently if someone wanted to push it.

    Thanks for the bicycle legislation update, Nate. Yes the 3 foot rule is needed.