Cyclist Run Down after Confronting Driver-
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    Wow. Great that they've actually been able to make some arrests. But that's a terrible story.

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    Why is the focus of this article on the girlfriend and not the fcuk it should be focused on?

    her pic? fcuk that!

    post his shltty mug in the preview
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    Honestly... ahh I give up

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    glad to see the police doing real legwork to track down these degenerates. I hope the charges hold up during trial and the perps don't wind up getting convicted of lesser crimes...or worse, getting let off.

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    Trying to read between the lines...

    The girl either washed away some evidence off her vehicle or perhaps tried to have the damaged repaired. The shop called the cops or the cops located her on their own.

    She clams up says she doesn't know squat, so they charge her to get the testimony...

    She is stll hasn't been deposed, and must seem a little reluctant to the cops.

    Best result (since I believe she was not in the car). She testifies against the boyfriend (probably has some gang ties etc). They put him away, and they get whoever comes after her and put them away as well.

    I don't think the full story is out yet.

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    I don't understand how somebody so young turn so ugly! It's like where did common sense go? I hope they get nailed for the maximum punishment allowed.

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