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    hey everyone, I am in the process of building a commuter bike to ride to and from class, and I am having some trouble finding a crankset. My BB has a hexagonal mount, and all the cranks i am finding have square mounts. I am running the bike single speed. Does anyone know about a cheap single speed crankset?


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    Hexagonal? Sorry, I don`t think I`ve ever seen or heard of that type. I did a quick search for a single website with pictures of al the "standard" bottom bracket to crankarm interface types. Couldn`t really find a good one, but here`s the best I came up with:
    all about bike stuffs: bottom bracket: interface types
    Does yours look like the kind labeled as ISIS on that page?

    Most cheap crankarms you`re going to run into will be sqare taper type. Not a big deal though, because you can also get a cheap bottom bracket to match pretty easilly. Or just remove the unwanted rings from the double or triple that you have now, of course.

    EDIT: Tha page is only three years old and it`s already an antique
    It claims that JIS sqare taper is "the most popular design by far". Well, it`s the most popular at my house, but I believe the various outboard kinds have bumped it out of the top spot for most other riders. Note though that JIS crank arms and BBs are still very easily available after decades on the market even though Octalink 1, Octalink 2, and ISIS have come and gone and now the diffferent outboard configurations are fighting it out in the current Beta-VHS battle. I don`t care who wins that one, I`m sticking with JIS.

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    Can you post a picture of it?

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    ISIS isn't gone Rodar I have one on a bike still. Square taper is gone, ISIS and Octalink are fading, and external cartridge is just undeniably superior in design, weight, and ease of use. We need to pool our resources around here and get you some disc brakes and a bottom bracket designed after 1980, just so you can experience time traveling into the future.

    I'm betting the OP is looking at ISIS too... that's the closest to a hexagon I can think of?
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    Quote Originally Posted by CommuterBoy View Post
    ISIS isn't gone Rodar
    Hey, you`re right! I found one! Truvativ Left ISIS Crank Arm 175mm Black: Sports & Outdoors
    Okay, scratch that- ISIS is fading

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