• 10-28-2010
    Could I be Addicted, Or is Cycling second nature.
    Do other people have issues trying to drive to work? Do you just continue to bike even though conditions are potentially poor, mileage is high and your legs are sore. Is it time to hop in the car?

    I have been riding pretty much every day for years. Commute to work and weekend warrior on a mtb. and occasional mtb bike ride after work or run. so 5/6/7 days a week is common.

    Average mtb ride is 15-25 miles.

    Commutes have been about 8 miles one way so about 16 miles on avg. a day not to far. Oh this was on single speed.

    Now on geared road bike.
    For the last two months I am in limbo before moving and commute is 13 miles one way so 26 miles avg.. still not to bad but can tell 7 days a week will really add the muscle up.

    After I move it will be 20miles one way to work so 40 miles avg a day. ups and downs country road rain or shine.

    I thought ahh maybe remove the cobwebs from the car and start driving some but the simplicity of riding, the spinning and the burning of the legs, the low cost just makes me want to continue to ride. Am I addicted do other people just knock out 20 in the morning 20 in evening 5 days a week like its nothing?
  • 10-28-2010
    Leopold Porkstacker
    From the Fall of 2007 until the Spring of 2009 I rode to work an average of three days per week. 13.5 - 17 miles each direction (I liked to mix up the route, infinite combinations available). Of course the place I was working had four buildings that had showers, sort of an incentive to ride instead of drive. I have been unemployed since April of 2009, unfortunately.

    Anyhow, from April of 2008 until April of 2009 I had done 7200 miles of riding (commuting to/from work and leisure rides). I realised at some point that I was addicted to the endorphin rush of pushing my body to the limit. Now, I really freakiní despise driving cars. I actually donated one of my cars two months ago (to the Polly Klaas Foundation) since it was just sitting in the garage, maybe going 1000 miles annually.

    I am addicted to cycling. It could happen to others as well. :thumbsup:
  • 10-29-2010
    Yeah, it calls to me. I get less of an endorphin rush now I am in better shape and am riding faster at lower pulse rates. Still jumping it up a couple of gears and sprinting the second part of a rise and not just holding speed but accellerating is a rush. More smile to the mile. Some days the pedals just sing to me. Fun to see the pulsimeter dropping from my Max heart rate and I felt no strain at all, this at the heart rate max of someone 18-20 years younger! Yeah that's alright! Not quite dead yet! :thumbsup: :cool: