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    Contingency plans?

    I was about half-way through my 24 mile commute home on Friday when I hit a pretty jarring pothole. No damage was done but it got me thinking about what I would do if I did taco a wheel or have some other type of major failure when I am 10+ miles from both work and home. Other than working the cell phone and preparing for a long walk in bike shoes I am not sure what else I could do.

    We do have a fairly extensive public transportation system in the Washington DC area but my route doesn't take me anywhere near any metro stops. I suppose that catching a series of buses would be an option but since my commute takes me between MD and VA via DC I can't even begin to guess how many buses and hours that would take.

    Does anyone have contingency plans in place in case of problems during a commute? Has anyone ever had a major component failure (or even run-in with a car) during a commute? In case you haven't figured it out yet I only started commuting seriously back in January.

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    You can stomp a taco'ed wheel back into shape against a curb, as long as you have a tube to fix the flat your good to go. It happened to me once while on an epic ride with a cheap single wall rim and Vee-brakes, I had to disconnect the front brake but I got home like that.

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    hitch a ride and hope you don't get picked up by an axe murderer

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    Yeah, like Chuck said. If you're lucky, you'll have been running disc brakes and will only need to straighten it enough to clear the fork legs. If you're running cantis.... well good luck.
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    Cell phone to cab company "bring one of your vans, I need to put my bike in it"

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    When working dayshift on my ~26 km commute I leave home at about 4:15am. It's a shift relief situation where the guy at work can't leave until I get there. Biggest worry is getting a flat on the way (I carry pump, inflator, spare tube). The cell phone is always charged, and if worst comes to worst I can give the guy I'm relieving a call and say.. 'I might be a bit late, pay you back later..'. Haven't had to use it use it yet but....

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    Better World Club is like an auto club with a bicycle assitance option.
    I am a member and it is one of my contingency plans.
    I haven't used it yet"knock knock"

    I taco'd a front wheel a few weeks back; an old telaphone or power wire got pulled up near the trail's edge. it caught my pedel and jerked me sideways while I was breaking hard. It was bent bad and I started dragging my bike to the nearest road...but then I remebered: Hey, I can fix this!
    I slamed it on the pavement to "true" it. Made home...a bit wobbly.

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    There's always a chance for catastrophic equipment failure of some sort ("time constriants and mechanical problems" is the tourists mantra)

    you can try to minimize (good maint, equipment selection, etc) but it can still happen

    one step you can take if you have an S.O. is a sentinel system (basically, if you don't check/call in "safe" by a certain time you are assumed "down")
    as it's pessimistic, it doesn't require functional stuff (like a cell phone /w good reception/battery) to raise the problem alert.

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    Quote Originally Posted by nachomc
    Cell phone to cab company "bring one of your vans, I need to put my bike in it"
    Pfffffft .... van, shman ..... a bike with wheels removed will fit in the trunk of any cab I've ever seen (hell, I can get mine in the trunk of my Celica and wife's Corolla ....).
    Yeah, having a taxi co phone # available might be worth the price you'll have to pay. Cell phones can be worth their weight in gold when ya need one Luckily, my commute is only about 3 miles each way, currently, so...if worse came to worst, I could still walk it home (although I'm fairly well prepared for anything short of major catastrophe (rim/frame failure).

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