• 12-03-2018
    commuting tires with some patches of ice/snow
    Occasionally I run into some ice patches and some snow. Wondering if some wider tires I own would be better for winter use. The tires I have are Gaux tatoo ballooner semi slick....would these be good for some winter traction? Curious on what you guys think. I am not talking about riding on days when it is snowing just on day after it has and the roads have been cleared away for the most part. I ask because I slid off of the road this morning in my vehicle while it was snowing like crazy and well...the money I have is all going to the kids for Christmas so I will need to tough it out a few weeks. Will I be OK?
  • 12-03-2018
    Not optimal tires for ice or snow, but if you lower the pressure it will help some.
  • 12-10-2018
    If you're forging studs in icy conditions, I'd definitely go with a wider, lower-pressure tire.

    Not because it will stick to smooth ice better, it won't really, treads or no treads.

    However, having a larger contact patch will give you a higher probability of having something non-slippery like a pebble, pavement chip, or even some crunchy ice under the tire at any given time.

    But note this is coming from a guy who now has two tears in his bar-mitts because "It really didn't look like I need the studded tires today".