so I'm getting my commuter ready to utilize the coming cooler temps. I just can't bring myself to ride when it's 100+ outside. in order to keep riding my mtb all summer, I had moved to riding exclusively at night. I can ride when it's 90-ish.

It's my ~2000 Diamondback Topanga Comp hardtail.

I'm tossing the stock vee brakes this year in favor of some Avid SD7's w/SD7 levers and Gore ride-on sealed cables.

The stock vees are awful. They're mushy, there's a ton of drag, and they lack real power.

I COULD put a disc brake on the front, but the front end is a bit flexy for that. This setup will give me the improved braking performance I'm looking for.

I'm not sure I'll be using the hardtail as a commuter for the whole season, though. I've thought about finding an old roadie to fix up, toss some racks and fenders on, and use as a commuter.

Overall, though, I'm quite happy with how the bike has held up for the past 10yrs. The drivetrain has been solid except for some minor troubles with the shifters I was able to resolve with some OEM takeoff LX triggers. The frame is actually made in the USA, which surprises me now considering that it only cost me about $550 new. The suspension fork is nothing special (flexy Manitou Magnum), but as long as I keep it greased, it still works. I'll probably keep the thing around for another several years as long as the frame doesn't crack on me from fatigue.