• 11-19-2014
    Commuting with IGH 3 speed, any reason not to?
    Hello all
    From time to time, I've been commuting via my single speed Surly Karate Monkey to work here in the 'burbs of Denver. It is about a ten mile trip each way with a few good sustained climbs, and a few long stretches of relative flatness. I really like the challenge/workout of climbing those hills on the single speed, but the flat sections really suck. I would like to decrease my commute time by going much faster on the flats, so I was looking at adding an IGH.

    Is there any reason why I shouldn't consider an IGH 3 speed (I'm looking at either SRAM Imotion or Shimano Nexus) for commuting? Basically, I am just looking at getting some more top end, so a 3 speed (as opposed to an 8 or greater) seems ideal.

    I've thought about keeping it a single speed and re-gearing it, but I'm sure I'd pop my chain trying to go up those hills at a higher gear ratio (i weigh about 230 plus cargo) . Also, Ive had a few windy afternoon commutes that pushed me down to about 6 mph on the flats. Thanks in advance!
  • 11-20-2014
    The Shimano Nexus are OK but they have something like a 30%+ jump between each gear which is pretty large, will work for what you want. The middle gear is 1.00 to 1.00 so you will need to change your chainring sprocket ratio as well

    Probably stating the obvious but get a disc brake version, the coaster and roller brake versions apparently overheat and fade pretty easily (i assume that as you go up some steep hills at some point you come back down them as well)
  • 11-20-2014
    I use a triple crank up front with 44x38x24 and a Paul Comp. Melvin with a 20t freewheel out back.

    A far cheaper set-up with the same advantages. In my experience as a mechanic and my own use, the 3 speed hubs suffer from contamination in winter riding.

    Freewheels can freeze up as well, I recommend White Ind. ENO freewheel. They're on the pricey side, but they're serviceable, unlike many other freewheels. I've had mine for 5 years and it still runs as smooth as the first day. Plus, they make the DOS ENO, a two speed freewheel.