• 06-04-2018
    Redlands R&C
    Coffee/Beverage holder for water bottle cage
    Being stay at home dad now means a lot (LOT) of running around town with the little girl. But I really like my coffee and want to take it with so I can sip while she plays at the playground and child related things.

    What are the "go-to" containers that will hold a beverage (preferably some insulation for hot/cold) that will fit in most standard water bottle cages??

  • 06-04-2018
    Contigo west loop with autoseal and safety stop. 100% tight. I use mine already for 3 years on every commute and often take it with me in the car or going to town on the weekends.

    I would recommend the silver version, the paint of the other colours seems to scratch off fast and easily.

    There is also a thread about this somewhere in the forum. Search for threads that have coffee in the title.

    Edit: here it is: http://forums.mtbr.com/commuting/cof...te-836545.html

    Edit 2: I found a picture of my bike with the Contigo in the SKS Slide cage bottle holder. Holds perfectly, never fell out so far after 3 years:

  • 06-05-2018
    Go with portland design works " bar-ista" clamps on the bar, holds an insulated coffee cup.
  • 06-05-2018
    Or if you have an insulated bottle you already like you can get an "anything" style cage from Salsa or Blackburn.