Clyde on a Cyclocross for Commuting and Fun - recommendations and thoughts?-
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    Clyde on a Cyclocross for Commuting and Fun - recommendations and thoughts?

    Cross-posting this in the Cyclocross, Commuting and Clydesdales forums...

    I'm in the market for a cyclocross type bike to double as a commuter bike for me as well as a paved/dirt/gravel road fun bike. With the occasional ride on smooth single track mountain bike trails. And maybe actually give a cyclocross race a try at some point. I have 2 road bikes, plus 1 squishy 29r and a singlespeed rigid 29r and I don't want to alter one of them to be my long term commuter.

    So, for those who are around 6'7" or so and with 34" or so inseams, and ride a cyclocross (or all road commuter) type bike, what do you ride?

    And [all] what do you think about these when weighed against each other:

    Surly Disc Truck in 63cm or 64cm
    Surly Cross-Check in 62cm
    Trek Crossrip Elite in 61cm
    Kona Jake in 63cm
    Kona Rove in 61cm
    Kona Jake the Snake in 61cm
    Civilian Vive Le Roi in 61cm

    I think that is about it in my general frame size for around, or under, $1500. My next step is to try them (if I can find them in this size) and then do research on which can accept fenders and a rear rack.


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    My cross bike is soon to be my secondary commuter (turning my old mountain bike into a fixed gear) but having done this for a few years now I think this its a great idea. If I could only have one bike, it would definitely be the crosser (though if I could have another bike, it would be a road bike!). I'm only 6' 1" or so and 220 lbs with a 32-33" cycling inseam and ride a 54cm frame - on a road bike I would probably ride a 56 but with the cross bike I like it a bit smaller so I can toss it around some when things get rough.

    I know everyone likes their own but I would suggest adding the Nova Race to your list: JAMIS BIKES (they make it in a 61). I have the 2010 model and it has been great - very little is stock at this point but I love the frame. The new one adds disc brakes and a tapered headtube, both of which I imagine would be good upgrades for us clydes especially (the canti brakes were the only thing I felt I HAD to upgrade). I ended up choosing this over a cross check because of the racier build kit (would have needed an extra couple hundred bucks to get brifters on the CC). It offers a nice upgrade over the Jake IMO (much better brakes and a carbon fork) without getting into the more expensive territory of the jake the snake. Jamis has a pretty big dealer network so odds are you could find one to test ride. I've had to deal with them (through my shop, which is a different shop than the one I bought the bike at) on one warranty issue and they did a good job there of making things right.

    I considered a LHT also but found it to ride very stiff (felt stiffer even than the aluminum bike, probably because its built for loaded touring). I'd still like to get one of those some day too.

    Last thing - I occasionally wish for a steel frame - I love the stiffness of my aluminum bike when its go-fast time but on longer rides it tends to beat me up a bit, and I could use a bit more flex when I turn onto the singletrack. I think the farthest I've ridden on it in one day is 75 miles, but I plan to use it for a century ride in June instead of renting a road bike so it must not have beaten me up well enough For daily commuting I think steel might be a bit easier on my back though.

    All the bikes you've listed look like great rides - I doubt you'd be unhappy with any of them. Have fun test riding
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    I am a big fan of my steel On-One Pompetamine for a commuter. It's not a bike you'd want to try to do a cyclocross race on, but it does everything else you want. It also cost me about the upper limit of your budget. I specifically wanted a steel commuter for its lifespan and serviceability as well as the improved ride characteristics over an aluminum bike.

    You could also consider building up a monstercross bike. Essentially take a 29er mtb frame and put drop bars and a rigid fork on it. It would not be much different than your existing rigid 29er, but you could keep it spec'd for road riding and throw some CX tires on it and remove the commuting bits (fenders, racks) if you wanted to race it.

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    Thanks! I like the monstercross idea, I will have to check it out.

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    Clyde on a Cyclocross for Commuting and Fun - recommendations and thoughts?

    So....I opted to convert my 2006 Trek 2100 ZR road bike to my commuter. It has Kysuriun SL wheels already on it and I put on Bontrager RL All Weather 700x25 Plus tires on them, added SKS Raceblade XL fenders, and will find a rack that I like. I still have another road bike for pure road rides.

    Since it looks like I'm not going to get a cyclocross bike, I've now got my sights set on a fatbike! As my true love is mountain biking, and I love my rigid SS on Ardent 2.4s, and I want to ride in the snow and on the sand.

    Thanks for everyone's help!

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    This cross take on a monstercross (fits 45 mm tires without fenders, 40 with):

    Singular Peregrine

    Columbus Rides: Singular Peregrine

    Has a US distributor here is one: | Singular Cycles Peregrine Frameset 2013 | Road Frames

    Leaves about $750 for the rest. I would like one for an N+1! With two wheel sets. One road. One for 45mm trail tires and for 40 mm snows.


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