Citations to drivers in fatal bike crash, including to driver who stopped @ crosswalk-
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    Citations to drivers in fatal bike crash, including to driver who stopped @ crosswalk

    hmmmm, while I often take issue with cars who try to "wave through" cyclists even though the car has the right-of-way, citing the driver who stopped at a crosswalk for a cyclist (who was hit and killed by another car who passed the stopped car) doesn't make sense to me.

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    Edit: Tricky situation.
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    That is downright stupid. The law states the driver does not have duty to yield but it doesn't recommend against it. And the handbook states that you must yield to someone who is about to cross. It sounds like sen met every letter of the law.

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    It's simple: Get ticket for yielding to pedestrians, get ticket for not yielding for pedestrians.

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    It is tricky. First and foremost crosswalks across 4 lane traffic that are not at an intersection or have stop lights are dangerous and stupid. It allows for this very scenario. At night in limited visibility you may have no idea whatsoever that crosswalk exists or why another vehicle is slowing/stopping. Second, your good deed may exist solely in your head and put others around you using the same roads and sidewalks at an increased risk of danger. Stopping to let people cross from oncoming traffic across 2, 3, or 4 lanes is never wise imo.

    I'm not stating any of this is the scenario here, we need more info. Personally, when I cross 3, or 4 lane traffic at crosswalks as a pedestrian I always peak around the next car to make sure nobody is zooming by. Heck, I don't even hang out at the corner of crosswalks waiting to cross. I'll always put a barrier between myself and the road.

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