Can I Vent for a Minute? Bike Hit and Run-
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    Can I Vent for a Minute? Bike Hit and Run

    My apologies in advance, but yesterday was a ***** and I need to share it with some folks who might have some relevant perspective.

    Yesterday I was treated to a nice ride in an ambulance, a short stay at a hospital and lord knows what kind of medical expenses. My entire body is sore, and I've got a deep contusion in the middle of my left forearm that's a nonstop source of pain. There's also a mystery pain in my upper back and neck that vaguely feels like a jagged arrowhead jabbing my scapula or upper spine when I pull my shoulders back.

    Why am I dealing with this? Because ANOTHER BIKER swerved into my lane to get around the rear of a vehicle that had just crossed through his side and crashed into me - head first. Immediately after the crash, once I regained my bearings and confirmed that I was still breathing, I yelled at him, demanding to know what he was thinking. He claimed to be "in the middle" of the lanes. IN THE MIDDLE! There is no "middle"! You're in your lane or you're not. Right?

    Weakly, he asks me if I'm "alright". He asks this as he's trying to mount his bike, as if to continue on his merry way. I yell at him that he'd better not go anywhere, I'm calling 911. At that moment, I realized my glasses were busted. Then I became aware of the intense throb in my left arm. Looking down at it, there appeared to be a lump. Then the wave of nausea hit me. I sat down just as the 911 operator answered. I phoned in my location. Again the "Middleman" acts like he's trying to leave. To his small credit, he stays on site when I snarl at him not to. For several minutes, I fight off the urge to throw up. A guy walks up behind me with his bike, asks if there's anything he can do. He sticks around until I'm put onto the ambulance. Even though there wasn't much he could do by then, his concern for his fellow man made me feel a bit more optimistic. Another biker stopped and offered assistance too, sticking around at least until the paramedics arrived.

    At that point, things started moving fast. Four firefighters hopped off a response truck and went to work getting vitals, assessing my arm and finding out what symptoms I was having. Still trying to get my nausea under control, I was too out of it to object when one of the guys told the Middleman that he didn't need to stick around. And he didn't. I mean, why stick around when you're responsible for someone else having to go to the hospital?

    With the day behind me, it's easy to be glad that a head on collision didn't leave me worse off. But it's hard to sleep, not knowing what's wrong with my back, angry that I might not be the same again because of someone else's carelessness. To find out, I've got to spend even more money that I don't really have. I want to hunt this guy down and hurt him, but that wouldn't be zen. Of course I'm not a Buddhist either.

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    Sorry to hear about your accident. I really wish more cyclists would follow the rules of the road and be more careful. It sounds like he was "salmoning," as in riding down the wrong side of the road? His inattentiveness falls right in line with his trying to flee the scene as quickly as possible. No surprise there. If you were that badly hurt, the police should have been summoned and a report filed. After all, it was an injury accident. Did they x-ray your spine while you were in ER? If you're having neck and upper back problems it could very well have something to do with your spine.

    Again, I'm sorry that happened to you. I hope you're feeling better soon.
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    Still not too late to file a hit and run report. Get on it right away while the specifics are still pretty fresh in your head.

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    Wow, that sounds like one hell of a crash. Have you had any more checks yet? X-Rays or MRI? Any idea exactly what`s tweaked in your back/shoulder?

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    Thanks for sharing and I hope you heal soon. Sad to say that the biking community consists of the same demographics as the population as a whole. I see lots of idiots out there pedaling for the Darwin award. You just ran into, or rather one ran quite literally into you.

    Three months ago, an idiot (in a car) made an illegal right on a No Right Turn intersection across my path with no warning and no turn signals. He was 30 ft in front of me and I was headed in a downhill direction doing approx 25mph. I could not stop in time. Just my luck, he had no plates and no insurance. Fortunately, my injuries were slight and my bike was not significantly damaged and I was able to ride home.
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    Sorry to hear of your accident, and especially the quality of esprit de corps demonstrated by the other cyclist. File a police report immediately, and also see if you can locate the rescue crew who released the other cyclist, and ask if they got any information, and while quizzing them you might politely remind them of the importance of not dismissing witnesses or participants in accidents without getting contact info and/or a police report.

    I wouldn't expect much by way of police investigation, but folks are creatures of habit, and when you're well enough there's a good chance of finding this person at or near the scene, at a similar time in the future. Bring a friend, brace him, get ID, ( or follow him home) and file a small claims suit for your damages, and/or bring the info to the police.

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