• 09-01-2016
    Bullhorn bar or other narrow bar recommendations?
    My commute has very wide, swept back cruiser style bars. It's kind of pain trying to squeeze through the stuff in my garage and biking around pedestrians. So want to get some narrow bars and think I'd like bull horn ones.

    I measured my stem clamp and it's just under an inch. So I need 25.4mm bars right?

    Also, I want to keep my 3 speed twist shifter. I won't be able to get it around any bends, but I don't mind hanging it on the end of the bars (I don't shift that often).

    Any recommendations for bars?
  • 09-12-2016
    Surly Open Bar
    same stem clamp diameter, shifter shouldnt be a problem and it can be easily cut down if you find it too wide
  • 09-12-2016
    If you take the bar out of the stem, it usually says the size. Peds that close? Seems you have other issues? Just make sure it is wide enough for your shoulders to be comfortable.
  • 09-16-2016
    Wait a minute, what kind of bike is this? Are you sure you won't have to change the brake levers as well if you go with bullhorns? If it is a mountain bike, why not just narrow flat bar?