Bromptons - A good bike for my better half ?-
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    Bromptons - A good bike for my better half ?

    Hi all

    I am looking to purchase a foldable bike for my wife and a WeeHoo turbo trailer for my baby so we can all go on rides together.

    Bromptons have come up as a serious consideration as I have been told they are built well, fold well and have a number of useful luggage attachments. But are Bromptons worth their price tag and are they a good bike for this ? Any alternatives ?

    Main requirements are
    1. Foldable
    2. Support up to 200lbs (as I will ride it fully loaded from time to time)
    3. Strong/rigid and built to last
    4. Standard fixings where possible so I can swap for 3rd party parts (saddle,handlebar,brakepads)
    5. Comfy for a 5ft 4 female as well as a 5ft 10 male
    6. Will pull a WeeHoo trailer

    Any thoughts appreciated

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    No idea on the Weehoo trailer, is that a child carrier or cargo trailer, it would depend on the hitch up fixing to fit a Brompton.

    They are expensive, you can buy cheaper.

    However your Brompton will be hand brazed in London, not machine welded in china.
    Full spares and backup available, the frames have serviceable and rebuildable hinges something you don't get with cheaper bikes.

    A whole load of aftermarket trinkets and upgrades available, and many many luggage choices.
    You can spend serious coin on extras.......

    Resell value is high, more so if you live in a major city. Many hunt around for several year old models to try and get a used bargin, but safe as even the old bikes are still rebuildable. Well used/abused ones still get good resell value.
    Too much choice in specs and colour buying new.
    Massive cult following around the world.

    We have them at train stations as rentals.
    If for serious use get one, you will have no problem selling it on in a few years time. If for light use you could just get a cheap version.

    Brompton Bikes

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    I have had the same Brompton L3 since 2000

    and it has seen world-wide travel and has needed zero maintenance
    except new tires and a new rear fender that got cracked at 5deg F and some
    frozen slush cracked it

    about 4000 miles on it

    it goes on pavement
    it goes on cobbles
    it goes in rain
    it goes in snow
    it goes on roots, rocks (it is a rough ride though at 100PSI)
    folds right up and goes in it's plastic samsonite suitcase for the flight to the next place

    all I can say is Brommies are the shiz-nat and overbuilt !!
    you cannot go wrong with a brompton. folds up and down fast, or
    half folded...I love this thing

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    cheers for your feedback, a Brompton it is for my wife's Xmas pressie !

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    If it's within forum rules here, i can link you to some threads on a London forum dedicated to Bromptons with a ton of city riding feedback and upgrading.

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