• 04-13-2009
    Bob Yak trailer or Nashbar trailer???
    Not sure where to post this but I though I would try here first.

    I'm looking into getting a cargo trailer for a biking/camping thing and also for trail work. My LBS has a new Yak with the DrySAK he will sell me for $250., a pretty good deal. The closest I found online was $260 for the Yak and another $60. for the DrySAK. Nashbar has their cargo trailer discounted down to $99.99 which is worth looking into for the price difference.

    I know the Yak has great reviews, I'm not worried about it, but has anyone used the Nashbar trailer? Ease of use, attachment, strength???

    Any thoughts, opinions or info would be helpful. Thanks
  • 04-13-2009
    i don't have the yak but i have the ibex and its awesome! i highly recommend the bob trailer.
    when i was searching for a trailer i contemplated the nashbar one and i asked the sales rep which one is better and if he had used them both. He said hands down that the bob is a better made / handling functional trailer.

    i have been very very very happy with the bob it has brought back groceries dog food, cat litter 48 32oz gatorades and does a great job easy to use easy to hook up and a very well made product!

    i say go for the bob a little more cash but a far better product

  • 04-13-2009
    Hey Joe, thanks for the input. That's the kind of good info I need. I don't want to end up with something that doesn't handle well with the bike or the quality isn't up to snuff.
  • 04-13-2009
    you get what you pay for...

    the bob yak is the bomb.

    $250 w/ the dry sack is an excellent price.
  • 04-13-2009
    rodar y rodar
    I`ve never used the Nashbar trailer, but from the pics you can tell it doesn`t have as long a pivot bar, which looks to be pretty much the key to the strength in both models (a lot of leverage there). If I were looking for a grocery hauler, I imagine that Nashbar would be the best value. Bouncing along on the trail where a failure could mean trying to stuff all your gear in your pockets or tie it to your back with shoelaces? Why mess around? I paid a lot more for my Yak than the offer you mention and I`m happy with the deal even at the price I paid.