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    Bikes vs Cars

    This looks like it would be a good Documentary if they can get it made.

    BIKES vs CARS - WE ARE MANY by Fredrik Gertten ? Kickstarter

    I wish them luck...

    That and $20 bucks. :-)

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    Good stuff.
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    I'm not sure what the point is, other than to foster an "us vs. them" divide and give people of any opinion a chance to say both "yes I agree with that guy" and "what a dumbass, how could you say that" at varying points through a video.

    I thought the idea was "share the road", which doesn't mean all the roads get demolished to make bike lanes and it doesn't mean that bikes get banned from the roads, it means everybody has a right to use the roads in a careful and courteous manner.

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    From the website:

    Why the VS in the title? Why highlight the conflict?

    Aline Cavalcante says in the trailer: This is not a war, this is a city. We have to live together in peace.

    Traveling the world meeting bike activists, I know that she represents this movement well. This is not an anti-car movement, or even worse, a movement that hates people who drive cars. Bike activists ask for safety, separated bike lanes, better crossings, respect in traffic. It's all about city planning that cares about more than cars.

    To me BIKES vs CARS is a David and Goliath theme. Where the bicycle is the David. Not only in the daily, uneven fight for space in traffic. For me it's quite clear now that the car model is no longer working. And the people who suffer most are the ones inside the cars. Gridlocks create frustrations and aggressions, not talking about all the extra costs of just sitting inside your car wasting fuel and time.

    In a time where we all worry about climate change, I often wonder why the information we have doesn't make us change our habits. To me it's clear. There are forces who invest billion after billion to preserve the Status Quo. The car industry needs to sell cars, the construction industry needs to build more highways, tunnels, shopping malls, the oil industry likes the price for crude to be high so they can drill on Greenland or 6000 meters below the sea outside Brazil. If more cities did like Copenhagen or Amsterdam where 40 per cent commute on bike, it would have a direct climate effect. But it would also mean bad business for the ones thriving on the car model.

    The VS in the title is there to make us talk about the power relations. We will always have cars, and yes I love to drive. But I hate gridlocks. I also hate the way we treat our planet. I believe we must and can change. With pleasure.

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    Should be "cyclists vs. cagers".

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    I also thought the "VS" part was just away to connect and draw in a group for a common cause or idea. Also, i believe there will always be cars on the road. One: The sale of automobiles is the foundation of a nations growth. That and the housing market...

    Moving on: One thing is for sure...

    Our taxes pay for those roads and it doesn't matter if we drive a car or not. As a tax payer, we are entitled to a safe part of it. However, if cyclist's decide to share the road with the automobile. They must go by the same rules as one.

    So far Chicago has been vary good about building bike lanes and safe riding zones.

    The movie looks awesome and any awareness it brings to cycling is a good thing. :-)

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