Is the bike you're currently commuting on the best one you've had?-
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    Is the bike you're currently commuting on the best one you've had?

    For me, no it's not. I am on a Schwinn World Street. A pretty good bike from Nashbar, at least on paper it is.

    I loath the lousy disc brakes. The fenders are only 35mm wide, so you can't put tires on over 28mm or they rub. The front derailleur is so close to the fender you can't adjust it perfectly.

    I'm going to make some changes and if it doesn't work get something else. I have already gotten fenders in 45mm width and picked out some brakes to install. I will probably go to a single front chain-ring in 38t. I'm hoping I will be happy after this.

    My favorite bike so far was my Diamondback Insight 1.5. I rode it the longest, about 7 years and 30,000 miles. I think it's beauty was in it's simplicity.

    What is your story?

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    No it's not the best bike I've had, or got, but it is the best at doing what it's for, relaying me to and from work with the minimum of fuss (bit of a disaster yesterday but anyhoo).

    1990/91 Raleigh Scorpio, racers as they were called back then. Probably only the frame left but it's now SS, guarded, racked, flat bars and Marathon pluses. Needs minimal looking after. Beauty in simplicity as you say.

    Does 20 miles round trip in all weathers. The rim brakes are the only thing that could do with improvement although the whole thing needs an overhaul, or replacement for something similar with hydros
    2018 commutes - 26 days, 542 miles

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    I am not sure what to say about my current bike...In terms of parts and costs it is the best and most expensive bike I ever had. But it is pretty heavy and I am not sure if its the best bike I had for commuting, a lighter more road-ish bike (still with racks, fenders and dynamohubs/lights) would probably do better.

    On the other hand, a collegue of mine has a hardtail MTB with racks, fenders and dynamohub that he rides to work 95% instead of the roadbike. The roadbike weighs only half but he said the average on the roadbike is no more than 3kph higher. Not to mention that the MTB is much comfier.

    So I have to say, my current bike is doing the job very well, it is really very hassle-free and almost free of maintenance. So in that perspective it is the best bike I ever had, yes. Just could be lighter. And faster. And so on

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