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    Bike wipes or something else?

    My commuter is pretty dirty and left a stain on my pants today. It's due for a thorough cleaning but I'm wondering how cleaning wipes work for removing the everyday dirt/grime. I remember seeing Ride Monkey wipes on shark tank so I may give those a shot unless people have other recommendations.

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    Various solutions here. I agree that full fenders are a wise choice, even if you're not necessarily riding in foul weather, because they keep debris from being kicked up onto the bike from the road. Part of my commute passes along some greenway trails and heavily wooded neighborhood streets with large mulberry trees overhanging. Fenders keep the berry guts off of me and the rest of the bike, for example.

    Also, don't ride with unsecured pant cuffs. Use a velcro strap, or tuck them into your socks, or whatever, to keep them away from the chain. Commuter bike maintenance mimics what I do to my other bikes. I wipe my chain off with a rag frequently to keep grit off of it. Much less frequently, I use a chain cleaner tool to scrub it a bit more.

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    Fenders for the win, but for wipes, simple ole baby wipes will work on the seat. When it comes to stains already on your clothes, best of luck. You're on your own there. too many things out there to get kicked up.
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    Armor All Cleaning Wipes (not the "protectant" shiny ones) work great on the bike. In the auto aisle and way cheaper than bike-specific products. Less messy than wash downs.

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    I prefer to use an old rag and Pedros Bike Lust. Love the finish and how nice it feels when I am done.
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    A good ole bucket of warm soapy water is the ticket.

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