Bike-Unfriendly and Bike-Welcoming Businesses-
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    Bike-Unfriendly and Bike-Welcoming Businesses

    I thought there was a thread on this already, but can't find it...

    Apparently Barre's Beverage Baron is a higher class liquor store than I had imagined. After leaning my bike in a safe spot inside the store, I was told "No bikes allowed" because "It might fall over and scratch the floor".

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    All bike shops here of course are bike friendly. As far as other places I don't know. I try to lock up if I am going in and have a lock with me so I haven't really tried to take it in anywhere. When I deliver I throw it on my shoulder and walk into all the buildings on campus. No one has said anything yet even in the buildings where it says no bikes allowed. They know I am not staying and I only put it down to deliver a bag then we are walking right back out.

    When I was visiting my sister in Chicago, I went to the Chrome hub, and of course, I had my lock but forgot my key. I asked them if I could bring it in and leave it near the door. They were like of course!! They make stuff for the urban rider/city rider/messenger. They welcomed me in with a smile. Felt right at home. Love the company and the quality of the items.
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    I keep meaning to ask the manager at my local grocery store if I can use my cargo bike as a shopping cart. Or maybe it I should just walk in and try it one day and hope they are all too confused to say anything...

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    Bikers Boycott Barre's Beverage Baron!

    Tannorama (getting a light base tan for an upcoming trip so my pasty winter skin doesn't burst into flames) Lets me walk my bike right in and they watch it for me while I'm thre.
    Walmart Eye Center - Encouraged me to bring it in while I was there.
    Hannaford & TD Bank - Let me us the drive through.
    Portland, ME has a program that not only welcomes bikes but gives a discount. Bicycle Benefits

    Oh, and of course the place I work lets me park in in the lobby in an out of the way place as seen in lots of my bike pictures. Probably because there is no specific bike parking and it's never been more than me and my wife riding in.

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    I've had pretty good results in Indianapolis.

    The City Market downtown did prohibit bikes indoors awhile back, though. They prohibited them indoors because some morons were riding down the stairs inside or something. But they followed that up by offering a covered bike parking area, so not too terribly bad.

    I did a 60mi road ride this week and went out to Greenfield, east of Indy, to a greasy spoon burger joint (The Mug) that serves burgers and pork tenderloins and whatnot from the owners' farm (Tyner Pond Farm). Very tasty, and they had a bike rack. The employee who manages their social media was thrilled that I biked as far as I did for lunch, and posted a picture of me on the restaurant's Facebook page.

    I'm really digging hard to think of a place that has been truly UNfriendly to bikes, and I just can't think of one recently. I had a gas station years ago give me crap over me bringing my bike inside when I stopped to grab some food when I was sheltering from a storm. It seems most businesses here in town are starting to understand that being friendly to cyclists is apt to get you some extra business. The local paper has published articles about the concept in recent years.

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    The only place that has pissed me off is a taqueria that happens to be owned by one of my wife`s friends. There is no post or tree or utility meter anything within eyesight of the entrance to lock up to and a busy bus stop right outside that happens to have more than its share of shady types. The lady in the shop is adamant though that bicycles do not belong inside, even at slow times. Fine, plenty of other places to eat.

    Quote Originally Posted by formula4speed View Post
    I keep meaning to ask the manager at my local grocery store if I can use my cargo bike as a shopping cart.
    That`s an interesting idea. From the register straight into your panniers or cargo box.

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    I usually leave my lock at work, so if I decide to stop and shop I try to bring it in. Tonight I rode the BMX to my car at the parknpedal and then shopped at the competition in the other direction. So there.

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