Bicycling Infrastructure vs. Commuting on Roads-
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    Bicycling Infrastructure vs. Commuting on Roads

    I could save about 10-15 minutes on my (approx) 10 mile commute if I stuck to the roads the whole way. Instead I do about 5 miles on a bike path and then about 5 miles on streets. I immensely enjoy the commute on the bike path, but sometimes I think that using a bike path everyday makes me more afraid to cycle on the road. Does anyone else find that the more time they spend on bike paths, the harder it is to cycle in traffic?

    In addition, I can save about 10 - 15 minutes on my 45-60 minute commute if I stick to the roads. I constantly battle with myself; do I take the road and save some time, or enjoy the commute more, and take the scenic route.


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    Would it make sense to do the fast way in the morning, the slower way home? Or visa-versa? Or just alternate day to day. I use a mix of road and pathways on my shorter commute and vary the route by whim or convenience...

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    Stop battling and do both. Variety is key to maintaining your interest in commuting, so every now and then take a completely new route instead of the standard two routes. My shortest route between home and office is eight miles (all road), but I almost never take it, and my evening rides home have taken routes as long as five and a half hours on either roads or a combination of dirt and pavement. Indulge yourself in longer rides and enjoy them more.

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