Best trunk bag with attached panniers-
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    Best trunk bag with attached panniers

    Hi Guys...
    How many of you use a trunk bag that has attached panniers that fold out? I know there are different brands, so what do you use and how do you like it.


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    I use a Topeak MTX bag TopeakŪ Cycling Accessories ? Products - MTX TrunkBag EXP
    with the matching Topeak rack TopeakŪ Cycling Accessories ? Products - Explorer Tubular Rack (w/ Spring)

    Works great. I had it on my Jamis Satellite Sport and now use it on my Giant Seek. Easy to take on and off. The the mount for the light on the bag is useless. I mount it on the rack. I've had it for a year now with 2000 miles. Used in the rain and no sign of wear. I have the 16L bag and sometimes wish I had the larger 22.6L bag. Overall great bag.

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    My setup.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Best trunk bag with attached panniers-bike1.jpg  

    Best trunk bag with attached panniers-bike2.jpg  

    Best trunk bag with attached panniers-image.jpg  

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    As a year round commuter I used to use a trunk bag like the ones in the post, but found it unpractical for my needs. Instead I went to a pannier that doubles as a backpack. carries all my stuff, has compartments for my breakdown kit, etc. Plus I find a backpack more practical to carry when on foot. And if i really need lots of room I can carry one inside the other for something like grocery shopping.

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    I also use the Topeak (the big one). I think the rail system is very clever and useful. That being said I don't think the bags are made as well as they could be, though I haven't had any issues yet I have seen a few with busted zippers. It also rattles like crazy with a light load, which can be annoying.

    Overall pretty nice for commuting and grocery runs.

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    This weekend was the TREK Event weekend and I purchased the Bontrager seat post rack and the Bontager "Trunk" with fold out paniers.

    Today was my first day, and the trunk fit everything I wanted to bring. The lid has "loops" to fit a hand pump or in my case CO2 contraption. I like that my trunk was designed to work with my rack and "snap" in place. Taking it off is a button. The Trunk has an internal zipper that I put my wallet and my access key card. Additionally, there is a top line zipper that allows the trunk to expand "taller". When it's not stuffed to the gills, I can keep it secured. When I have to bring extra stuff I unzip and it expands. Finally, in the front there is a small zipper that contains an elastic attached "rain poncho". The bag itself appears to be pretty weather resistant and pretty structured. But to have a rain cover was a nice bonus.

    It took maybe 10 minutes to install the seat post rack and the Trunk snaps on and off in seconds.

    The only point of concern I have is that, The bike i'm using is a Mountain bike that wasn't necessarily designed for this purpose. So when the panniers hang...they hang. The panniers have a velcro loop that would be used to secure so they wouldn't flap around. I have nothing to secure them to. Tomorrow will be my first attempt at riding with a pannier, so I'll report if there are any issues.

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    I also use the Topeak rack/bag system for commuting--it's good. A bit heavy with all the quick-clip hardware but my commuter is pretty heavy anyway so it doesn't matter. I've had the same bag for quite a few years and it's held up fairly well--no trouble with the zippers and still very water-resistant. (I've never had rain leak into the main compartment of this bag) It's getting a little frayed and beat up looking but I hope to get a few more years out of it.

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