Best deal on a generator hub/wheel/lights?-
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    Best deal on a generator hub/wheel/lights?

    We are looking for a generator hub/lights/or a wheel. What do you guys recommend?

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    I`ve been using mid lever Shimanos (3N71 and 3N72) for 3 or 4 years now, very happy with them, but haven`t used anything else to compare against. They run from about 100 to 140 USD. The SRAM hubs are a little cheaper, but also supposed to be good, though they`re harder to find. For a bigger budget, and if using only LED lighting, I`d love to have a SON20R, but it`s at least twice as much as my Shimanos.

    My first dyno light was the plain round Lumotec halogen for about $20. Not a whole lot of light, but actually good buy if you don`t need much. Later bought a refurbished Inoled 10+ for 3 times the price, but didn`t work any better than the cheap Lumotec. Currently using a B&M Cyo (whichever one does not have the nearfield lens), which run a little over $100, depending on exactly which model you get. It rocks! I`ve heard that the B&M IQ Fly is also very good buy. They run about $70, I think.

    Personally, I like the LED lights better since you don`t have to turn them on and off (I leave mine on even in daylight). The halogen bulbs gradually lose their potency and need to be replaced, so it`s best to only use them at night. One thing I did prefer about that halogen Lumotec was the warm color compared to either of the LEDs I`ve used- the Inoled was almost blue, the Cyo is better, but still not as nice as the orange-ish halogen.

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    Another very happy Shimano Alfine dynohub user here, and like rodar, it is my only point of comparison.
    I normally build my own wheels, but got a handspun pre-built wheel with a Velocity Dyad rim for $200 at Universal Cycles.
    I am using the Supernova E3 headlight and tail light, and am extremely pleased with them.
    There are 3 models of E3 depending on your needs.
    - Asymmetric "Iris" lens - this one is compliant with German traffic laws (does not blind drivers), and casts a "carpet of light" at about 380 lumens, as opposed to the more focused, higher lumen models. It works wonderfully for urban commuting, but would not be a good choice, IMO for a rural commute or offroad use.
    - regular lens: this one casts a brighter, more focused beam. Still pretty good for urban riding, but not as wide near the bike as the Iris lens (I've used both)
    - Triple. This is the badass of the group, intended for offroad only use. I've used the other two, and they are great for their purpose. However, if I had an opportunity to start from scratch, I'd get the triple and fabricate an aluminum sconce for commuting use.

    The SON hubs are the best in the business (though Supernova is now making some nice ones, too), but I think the Shimano offers tremendous bang for the buck.

    If you order from Universal Cycles, reigister as a user on their site and use the code "VIP15" (15% off) for any orders over $300 or "VIP10" (10% off) for orders from $100-300.

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    Hey Canyoneagle. Ive been looking at the UC site for ages ! Thanks for the thumbs up about coupons. Ive worked it out and it will make my life a helluva lot easier ordering from the UC site now that I know I can get further discounts. UC is a great site !

    Only downside is that they don't do coupons on wheel builds. Doh !


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