Beantown Bikelane Blues-
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    I assume the driver was trying to see up ahead. It was no hardship to slip right and let the cyclist pass. I think with all the room the driver left, and how slow traffic was going, I might have threaded by him on the right.

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    I know it can't be true but I get the impression everyone in Boston is like this, both driver and cyclist.
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    Both of them get prizes.

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    As always depends on conditions....if the guy swooped into the lane aggressively causing some safety hazard and blocked the path then maybe a bang on the trunk is warrented.

    Same thing if the road is so busy or fast that there would be a significant saftey hazard to go around the car....or if the guy then doored the cyclist....

    in the absense of a significant safety hazard just swing by the guy...

    This happens every day on my normal route home the bike lane has no cars at all between 3:30 and 6:30...otu side that time parking is allowed...

    The cops (bike cops and cars) regularly nab a bunch of drivers every month or so in the summer.....the parking patrol gets a sweep every week or so in the actually it works not bad...

    I just grab the lane to swing by the parked cars no problem....and cause most drivers know the rules they are very easy to swing out on.

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    looks like a pretty typical "old guy pissed to be in traffic" scenario. maybe he was trying to see ahead. maybe he saw the cyclist coming up behind in his mirror and moved over to block him because he's a spiteful bastard. either way, tapping the trunk is hardly an aggressive move. denting the trunk, smashing the mirror, one of his windows, or his taillight definitely would have been.

    solid line - car shouldn't be there. around here, being in it the way that old guy was, that's ticketable.

    around here, some of the bike lanes are shared for short stretches with a right turn lane, and signs specify that cars yield to cyclists. the nature of right turning traffic is that they are moving out of the way quickly, so if a bicyclist falls in behind a right turning motorist, there's no impeding going on. the lane markings become dashed to indicate merging traffic. on busier roads, the bike lane remains separate, but cars still have to cross it to get to the right turn lane(s). in this situation, the bike lane is painted green for a bit more warning.

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    I do not live in Boston, but travel there at least once a year to sail with my brother-in-law...I love Boston, but these are the most inconsiderate drivers on the map! I refuse to rent a car in that town. People like you and me get behind the wheel and it's a Doctor Jekyll and Mr Hyde ditty! I cannot even fathom riding a bike in that mess...again, I love the town, but it will never be Madison WI or Ann Arbor MI...
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    I commute/ride in Boston throughout the year..5-6000 thing I ever saw,guy on a bike almost got killed by car and very calmly smashed an egg on the windshield..don't know where/how the egg came from but very funny...

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    Jesus these two sound so ignorant, are there the infamous guidos?

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    Pretty simple here. Had the car not been in the bike lane, there would have been no altercation for us to be talking about, or the video, or the argument. Biker would have gone right past like he did with the other cars.
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    Welcome to boston. But my town is no better. Oh Massachusetts
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