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    Bad News/Good News/Better News

    Bad News:
    I’ve made reference to the fact that I was diagnosed with Cancer (Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma) years ago ( I’ve been cancer free for about 5 years, but lately I’ve noticed some abnormal lumps on my neck which turned out to be some swollen lymph nodes. After doing a CT scan and some other tests, there is a chance that the lymphoma may be back. In a couple of weeks I have to get some lymph nodes from under my arm removed and biopsied to get a definitive answer. If it is back, I’ll end up starting chemotherapy again in a few weeks or so.

    Good News:
    I’m in WAY BETTER SHAPE than I was in the first time I went through chemo. Yesterday I had the initial consultation with the surgeon that will do the lymph node removal surgery. While waiting to see the surgeon, the nurse took my vitals. Surprisingly, she manually took my blood pressure and checked my pulse rate (most places just use machines to get vitals). When she finished taking my pulse, she asked if my pulse was normally very low. I replied, “Yeah, I cycle a lot. What was it, low 50s?” She said that it was 48 beats per minute. I thought to myself, “Cool!”

    Better News
    I cycled to work today for the second time this week (27 miles each way). That means that I rode my bicycle to work everyday this week that it was feasible for me to ride.
    - Monday, I drove because I had an appointment to do a PET scan and MUGA scan before work.
    - Tuesday, I rode my bicycle to and from work (54.5 mile day).
    - Wed & Thurs, I drove because I have school after work until 10:30pm so I get home late anyway.
    - Friday (Today), I rode my bike to work.
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    Lets hope those swollen lymph nodes are nothing to worry about!!!

    The good and better news is awesome!

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    That's a lot of miles, sounds like a good sign that you feel well enough to accomplish that kind of bikecommute. I hope your surgery goes smoothly and that the test results are OK. It must be pretty tough to be faced with the possibility of chemo again, hang in there and let us know how it goes.

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    Lymph nodes swell up for all sorts of random, relatively benign reasons.

    Here's hoping that's what's going on this time.
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    Thinking of you, and hoping it is the lymph nodes doing their cleanup thing.

    My mother was one of the first to get chemotherapy (of 8 for non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma) and she lived 26 years after diagnosis, cancer-free after the therapy.

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    Wow, I sure hope it turns out allright
    No, I don`t remember the lymphoma from before, but I do remember that heart rates came up on some thread a year or so ago. 48 BPM? Dang!

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