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  • 03-28-2009
    Lunge Bob Sweatpants
    Backpack suggestions
    I have an old Pearl Izumi cycling specific backpack that I've been using for the last 10 years or so and I love it. The only problem is that it's finally wearing out (broken plastic buckles, worn out zippers, faded color).

    I need some suggestions for a replacement. I commute to work a couple times a week and need to carry my clothes for work, lunch, etc. Please note that I am not interested in paniers.

    I'm looking to spend about $125-$150. What does everyone suggest?
  • 03-28-2009
    Seal-line urban backpack. you can search for it and find it for $79.

    My only rainproof backpack is a timbuk2 with a reflective back. I won it at a messenger race. It's the only timbuk2 bag I'd buy. I think it's made in America, unlike their crappy messenger bags. It seems to be out of production now.

    link to review of Seal-Line's Urban Backpack

    I also like Chrome's roll top bag as well as Ortlieb's Messenger backpacks
  • 03-28-2009
    Chrome or Ortlieb.
  • 03-30-2009
    I have a 'Slingshot' backback by The North Face. I've been using it for the past 3 years through the snowy winter and rainy spring and fall. It's done very well, but now it's starting to loose its waterproof-ness in heavy rain. Great lightweight bag that was totally waterproof for at least two years of daily use. I like the removable waist-strap arrangement it has, and it has reflective accents also.

    It saved me some serious road rash on one particularly nasty fall, and is still going strong.
  • 03-30-2009
    I also have a slingshot. I got it for around $50 and it works great.
  • 03-30-2009
    Deuter AC 28
    Sits off your back on a solid frame with webbing and hip pads. Only comes in contact only at the waist and shoulders. Really adjustable comfortable. Ive had mine for 2.5 years and really like it alot. They come in may smaller and larger sizes. I think i paid around $100 from mine.

    <img src=>
  • 03-30-2009
    Back when I used a backpack, I REALLY liked my Northface Recon
  • 03-30-2009
    I started using a rack and panniers and found a backpack to be more useful to me. I currently use a high sierra backpack that I got on clearance for about 12$ (it is originally a 100$ hiking backpack). It has all the bells and whistles, rainfly, several compartments, plenty of room, very nice straps, vents and pads. I put a reflective running belt around it for commuting duty. Mine is similar to this:

    Point being If you dig around you can find some really good deals on higher end backpacks out there. They are just general use packs (not cycling specific) but I have no complaints about mine.

    I really want to know if anyone has used the ergon backpacks? They look very tempting, and really peaked my interest at the NAHMBS recently but I couldnt try one on because of the crowd. If I had my druthers and a good deal on a regular pack didnt fall into my lap I think I would buy one of those- they seem like one heck of a comfy cycling pack and they come in right around your pricerange:

  • 03-30-2009
    i have the ergon. pros: definitely stable, doesnt slide around all over and i dont feel shifts in contents; has hydration. cons: too big for what i'd like but thats not to say its too big for others. i dont like that its just one big sack, everything just sinks to the bottom; needs a hydration bladder with a longer tube.

    i think its well made, but i'd rather use my deuter. carrying a spare set of clothes in it is defintely doable tho i think i'd want something a little wider (for folding purposes). a set of spare clothes, shoes, bladder, and riding knick knacks might be pushing it.
  • 03-31-2009
    Deuter? Chrome?
  • 03-31-2009
    +1 for the Deuter.

    I Have Futura 28 that I've been using for 3 years. Super comfortable, lots of airflow, since it is suspended off the back, and holds plenty (I carry lunch, change of clothes, and usually either a 2" stack of files or my laptop). Showing no signs of wear yet.

    The other advantage of the suspension is that odd shaped or difficult loads are OK (12-pack of beer, no problem :thumbsup: ).
  • 03-31-2009
    One thing that's worked well for me is not a backpack, but the Chrome Mini-Metro messenger bag... which is also in the stated price range.
  • 03-31-2009
    1 for the sealine. really simple and water proof.
  • 03-31-2009
    +1 for the chromes! :thumbsup:

    i have a chrome citizen that ive been commuting with, faultless piece of kit, does what it needs to do, keep my stash dry, looks killer, has some reflective bits to up visibility.

    but if the OP wants to have a backpack, id say ortlieb, i dont have one personally but i do have a Nat Geo rolltop bag that looks very2 similar to the Ortlieb velocity go as far to say that Nat Geo enlisted ortlieb in making the bag for them. Its part of a limited edition run by Nat Geo who opened its 1st store in singapore. i'll post some pics when i have time.
  • 04-01-2009
    Lunge Bob Sweatpants
    Lots of good suggestions. Now in research mode.

    I have to say Ergon products are very intriguing. I have some of their grips.

    In the photo posted, it looks a bit small in size for me. One because I think all of my stuff might not fit and two because I'm a bit of a Clyde. The phrase "Fat guy in a little coat" comes to mind.

    The Deuter pack looks nice. How does the solid frame feel on rides? That seems like it might be a bit of a concern.
  • 04-01-2009
    Osprey Stratos. I am "this" close to pulling the trigger. :D
  • 04-01-2009
    Camelbak cloud walker FTW! My best pack choice yet :D

  • 04-01-2009
    Cracked Headtube
    i just picked up the Covert from BlackDiamond. I've used it 2x this week and it's a pretty nice bag. dual compartments, and it hydration pack ready. On it's right shoulder strap is an insulated pocket for the hydro hose. It also has a zipper to keep it out of the way while on trails. There is also a media device pocket at the top (remains unused in my bag). There is a chest strap and a waist strap, both of which are more comfortable than my Camelback straps.
    This was designed as a snowboarding/skiing pack. So inside there are straps for emergency avalanche gear ( these also go unused here in Tampa, FL).
    The backing portion is nicely padded with a ventilation channel.
    Am emergency whistle is integrated into the chest strap buckle, which is a nice feature for trail use...
    I demo'd a Deuter years ago and hated it. This is a huge difference from that bag. These come in two volumes: 22 L (1,343 cu in),32 L (1,953 cu in).
    <img src="">

    side note: I do not work for Black Diamond
  • 04-01-2009
    Cracked Headtube
    Oh, and another thing I've noticed while riding with other backpack is that my helmet often hits the top of the pack. This is super annoying and very uncomfortable. Not so with the Covert bag. I rode with mustache bars on my cross bike, and my head was free to move side to side for checking traffic.
  • 04-02-2009

    Originally Posted by Cracked Headtube
    Oh, and another thing I've noticed while riding with other backpack is that my helmet often hits the top of the pack....

    That is definitely a problem for me with some backpacks, like my Boblebee's. Messenger bags are great for folded clothes, and I have plenty of those by Chrome (who I think has the best strap and design), Seagull (black bag), and Manhattan Portage. But I think the OP asked for backpack advice.

    I like the chrome backpacks due to their rugged construction and lifetime warranty. They're made for people who spend their days on bikes and are hard on their gear. I've ridden through tropical storm rain and my stuff's been dry when I get to work.
  • 05-02-2009
    I use a Kelty serria 1900. its 110 at bass pro shops and carries alot. I usually have a laptop, 2 liters of water, helmet, misc supplies, 2 tubes, 2 sets of allen wrenches, tire repair kit, spare batteries, laptop charger, bike pump, and mouse and still have space for 2-3 nice sized text books. It has a lifetime warrinty and has 2 straps one across the chest and a waist belt with 2 pockets on it.