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    ... and if we just ... Back on the Bike!

    So, I have been on a very long commuting hiatus due to it being hot as hell in New Orleans and not having a shower at work, having to get to class after work most days, and generally being to busy too properly maintain my bikes.

    I just accepted an offer for a new job that will put me slightly closer to school. I start in two weeks. The building the office is in has a nice gym, and I think the company subsidized memberships. I brought my bike to the shop for a tune up and to check out some issues. It looks like my life is changing for the benefit of commuting. I think i have gained 10 lbs by taking close to an entire year off.

    The bike I ride is a ten year old steel Trek road bike. I paid about 200 for it a few years ago, and it has been awesome. A friend of mine helped grind away some non structural parts of the bike so it would accept 32 mm tires. I was finding that my shifting was getting really bad, so I brought the bike in to the shop. They looked at it, and said the shifters were beyond fixing. It would cost about 250 to replace them. I asked if we could just make it a single speed that would work until I was able to get a cross bike I have had my eye on. They made the conversion by removing the shifters all together to avoid accidental shifting, as the shifter did work sometimes. We set the bike at a good gear ratio for the flat-lands of New Orleans. I think I am ready to roll now! Two more weeks, and I can resume my bike commuting.

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    Congrats, codwater, good to hear yo're back! You did pretty well to only gain ten pound! I was working from home & in the field for just a month and a half and gained 5 pounds. Luckily it was the 5 I'd lost on my backpacking trip at the end of August!

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    Nice to see you again, Codwater! Ten punds in a year? Wow! Did you stop running too? Or maybe that was Dixie Whiskey- runner by preference and biker on the side.

    Glad you got a work around figured out for you bike, but if you want to go back to your gears, you can do it a lot less than $250- that must be to replace brifters. A quick search shows that Amazon still has 8sp Shimano Bar end shifters for $60 and 9sp for $90, VO friction shifters might be even less. Or if you have a used bike parts place around, way less. And you might even have DT bosses on that bike, so more options.

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    Thanks for the welcome backs

    I will look into the bar end shifters. And the way I eat, ten pounds is pretty doable. Yeah, Dixie used to run 5 miles in the morning and then bike to work. I haven't been in touch with him for a bit. I think we are both busy with full-time jobs and full-time education. We will probably see him pop up soon, as I heard he just received his Walkworks frame.

    I took the bike out for a test spin. The gear ratio is perfect. I did an easy 10 mile spin down to the lakefront and back. I think this is going to work out nicely. Here are a couple of pics I snapped on my sunset ride.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Back on the Bike!-lake-pontchatrail.jpg  

    Back on the Bike!-sunset.jpg  

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