For anyone that commutes near Highlands / Lohi:

Due to a recent change in living situation (pending divorce), I went from a gravel, dirt, and minimal bike path commute to what is going to be a 100% street / Cherry Creek bike path commute. Essentially, will be street riding from Highlands area to CC bike path, CC out to Quebec and then street to Hampden and Tamarac area. Haven't commuted by bike in a month and really need to get back on the bike. Getting sad and fat!!!!

Here is my problem. I haven't ridden the CC bike path since I got into a head-on collision with another cyclist a few years ago. Luckily, at the time, my jobs changed and so did my commute route. Was able to do Highline canal for most of it, with minimal street/bike path riding. Even had access to singletrack for some of it, which is why I sold the road bike and bought a hardtail 29er (which I also use as race bike). CC bike path now scares the sh*t out of me, as does riding on the road on crowded and narrow Highlands area streets with 740mm wide mtn bars. I'm worried about clipping rear view mirrors when cars pass and also, terrified of all the typical CC bike path idiots.

That being said, am I just being a big wuss or should I consider a different bike or route for my commute?