Anyone used bikesdirect?-
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    Anyone used bikesdirect?

    Are they a scam op or no?

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    Everything I've read about them indicates they're legitimate. Seems like a PITA if you have to return due to wrong size or other defect though because of shipping.

    I guess as long as you can tune up and service the bike you're probably fine.

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    They are legit. I personally don't like them. Their "Compare at" prices are ridiculously inflated, though you do save money over a big name brand. The owner is a mtbr member, a lot of people, including myself, don't really like him. He plugs his website into every thread possible to the point that it's kind of obnoxious, or at least he used to a year or two ago.

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    I have some of their bikes. No complaints about the whole purchase/paying/delivery thing. Only issues; no test rides before hand, so make sure you know your size and how to compare geometry to LBS bikes, and you're the mechanic. If you're afraid to turn a wrench on your new bike, either take it to your LBS, pay extra for them to assemble and get evil looks; or just buy one at your LBS. If you're good with a wrench and aren't afraid of messing it up and starting all over, on-line bikes are fine (either bikesdirect or the plethora of other online bike stores).

    Will agree, their MSRP is super inflated, but on average are about 10% cheaper than most other online stores, and about 30-40% cheaper than comparable LBS bikes. Sign up on their facebook page to get the current crop of "black-friday" deals. Some are good, some are just reposts of their normal price.

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    Watts888 pretty much nailed it. I have one of their 29ers and it's worked well for me. There is an entire forum in the manufacturers section under Motobecane.
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