• 05-19-2014
    Anyone try a Clement x'plor USH?

    Was thinking it could be a good tire for my 26 inch to 700C conversion project. Presuming it fits of course. Got the brake adapter in today and a 700c wheel with a 135mm axle should get here soon.

    But this tire is popular with my cyclo/ gravel bike friends and looks pretty cool.
  • 05-20-2014
    Yeah. I have um on the CX bike. Like um a lot. In the case that the 35c dont clear the seat/chain bridge they make a 32c x'plor mso as well.
  • 05-25-2014
    I have the 40mm non-tubeless on my commuter hybrid and I love it. Great traction, nice road feel and lighter than many other tires I've used. Only times it gets sketchy is in deep gravel or sand, but what tire doesn't? Thinking about getting another set for when these die.