Anyone receiving the Bicycle Commuter Benefit??-
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    Anyone receiving the Bicycle Commuter Benefit??

    I am just wondering how common it is for employers to participate in this program. It's an extra 20 bucks a month (non-taxed)...

    Commuter Tax Benefits | National Center for Transit Research

    Anyone getting free money for riding a bike to work?

    I'll be contacting my employer to see if it's available.

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    I'd say almost nobody. There is no incentive for the employer to set it up for a small number of employees. Here's a previous thread on it.

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    I asked, no dice.
    You have no excuse for driving to work
    (unless you don't have studded tires)
    (no excuse for that either)

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    I used to get it at an old firm. It was pretty easy to use. I started agitating to get it here, but I haven't gotten very far. It's nice to have though.

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    Hey there! New to the forum here and also new to commuting by bicycle. I started commuting by bike and train about a month ago after my car died and I wanted to find an alternative to driving.

    I work for the county of Orange, CA and we have a rideshare program that deducts pre-tax dollars for my monthly Metrolink pass. I just signed up for it last week, so still awaiting my monthly pass. They also reimburse for your first week of commuting on the "try it on us" program as well as other benefits like "club rideshare".

    Check it here:
    Orange County, California - Incentive Programs

    Just a quick back story: I'm 45 and have been an avid cyclist all my life. I raced BMX into my teens and then again in my twenties and also ride mountain bikes and road bikes. My current favorite riding is trying to connect mountain bike trails to local breweries

    I ride 3-4 days a week anyway, so I thought I could get some extra time on my bike commuting. So far I 'm loving it and the benefits of the rideshare program are even better motivation.

    I even get interesting stories to tell now, like the guy on LSD at 5:30am this morning asking me if I had more drugs for him. I told him I make it a rule not to bring drugs on the Metrolink, so no.

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    I work for public transit, my company still doesn't support the Bicycle Commuter Act with a program. I spent so much time talking to the head foremen, the health benefits department and so many different contacts I cannot remember back in 2013 and it was all for nothing. As long as the program is voluntarily for companies to opt into, it will have no traction. They should just make it a government program that works via tax deduction instead. I mean it is just $20 a month anyway, it is not gonna make people bicycle commute, but it would be nice if I could get reimbursed for a little of the expenses involved in cycling.

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    I guess I'll just be happy with the gas money saved. A 40 mile round trip commute adds up rather quickly. I told my wife I'll add up the total money saved by my rides to work each month and put 3/4 into savings (or a diaper fund for or first child due in March) and keep the other 1/4 as my "commuter benefit" for related expenses...

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