• 11-09-2014
    Any Los Angeles commuters around?
    I just picked up a new schwinn 411, and want to ride to work once a week, but I have to go over the Sepulveda pass to get there. The full ride would be from Tarzana to Culver City, so I may start with driving a portion, then riding some.

    Has anyone tackled this hill on a regular basis? ...Im going to put on an SLX/XT drivetrain, new seatpost/seat and lighter bars if need be, though Id rather like to keep the rack bars. Other than making it lighter, and adjusting the gearing any suggestions? Is this nuts to start out commuting with?

    I feel like Im going to have to give myself hours on either end of my day to get to and from work. Im thinking, just say screw it and if I hve to ride the bus home, but everyone Ive spoken too thus far thinks Im nuts. Anyone care to chime in here?
  • 11-09-2014
    How far of a commute is that? Have you mapped out another possible route yet?

    The bike seems to be rather heavy from what I have seen online. If you are going to change everything about the bike, I am not sure that it is the right bike for you to start off on.
  • 11-10-2014
    Almost anything is do-able once a week, go for it! If you have not ridden it yet, maybe try it on a day off to see how long it takes and how the bike does. It sounds like a multimodal commute (bike partway or one way) is a possibility, and could help you bikecommute more often.