To all you commuters here (especially u extra-cyclists haha...)-
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    To all you commuters here (especially u extra-cyclists haha...)

    I just wanted to thank everyone on this board for being here and asking qeustions and answering them, I know this is a very generic post and kinda wastes time, but I felt the need for a thank you. I live in Cincinnati, Ohio (do any of you live here???) This is not a friendly place to comute..The cycling scene here is prety much non-existent (save for the roadies who ride outside of the "actual city" and the colege kids who who ride fixies around campus(love u guys!)... I commute every single day of the year on a 2006 gary fisher tassajara, I love my bike and wouldnt change a single thing about it, have been riding for 3 years now and have no intention of ever owning a car so long as I live...I am one of a kind here to say the least...Ive been to portland and many, many other cities outwest, and anyone else who has beeen or lived there and here knows of the comparison in cycling communities that I speak of...I am a freak, a one of a kind, I know from looks and stares and comments spoke not so far from behind my back that the local community thinks of me as retarded or of having a few loose screws or whatever your politically correct term on the subject is...But I continue to ride, every single day, every where I go, and usualy with a smile on my face. I dont have anyone to relate to around here in person( not even in the bike shop that I work in.....) but when I come here to this site (and especially this forum) I feel at home in ways I simply cant describe...yeah I know this is a corny post and whatnot, but I dont care I needed to say THANKS! Love you guys and please keep on pedaling and doing our thing!!!
    Peace Love Bicycles

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    I wouldnt say Cincy is as bad as you make it sound. Anytime you compare it to a super bike friendly city, sure it looks bad, but what city doesnt look bad compared to Portland in relation to cycling. I just moved to Cincy around 8 months ago, and I enjoy my 16 mile roundtrip commute. The streets are pretty wide, sure there are not many bike lanes, but does a little painted line on the same width street really make you feel safer? Besides glass on the sides of the roads, and the roadies who seem to look down on commuters for some reason, I have had no problems in this town. You make Cincinnati sound like a mad max wasteland for bikes, its not that bad.

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    Have to agree with backcountryyeti. Cincy maybe a cultural wasteland and a bastion of the rightwing ulta-conservative, but it is not the end of the world for cyclists. I personally feel comfortable riding a bike just about anywhere in town. Also, you are not so unusual as you may believe, since I know at least 3 people who are carless by choice and travel exclusively by bike.

    There also are several organizations working to improve the bicycling experience in the area, namely BikePAC and Queencity Bike, both of which have monthly meetings. There also is CORA and KyMBA, both of which are working to get more MTB trails in the area. Maybe you should get involved with one of there organizations, it might open your eyes a little.

    Finally, the Vice-Mayor is an avid cyclist and has had 2 special council sessions to address bike commuting and making Cincinnati a more bike friendly environment. So, it may not be what you want it to be right now, but there are folks working to make it a more "bike friendly" environment.
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