I usually ride by a cycle victims memorial on my commute to work that greatly influences me to be a more defensive bike rider.Poor guy was in the bike lane with a ride group and was crossing a side street, driver came off the main road to the side street which is set at about a 30 degree angle to the main road.This angle encourages drivers to come of the main road at a high speed, the biker I assume continued on as he was insisting on his right of way? the kid in the car apparently tried to get buy him to no avail and killed him.My thoughts are no matter how much I think I have the right of way I am going to lose out in a collision with a car.I am ALWAYS scoping out all cars and think the worse of them.I am not sure if the cyclist could have avoided the car, found my self a few times in the past being nearly hit by agressive *******s because it esentially turned into a game of chicken.God rest the soul of the man who lost his life, his ghost bike memorial haunts me I continue to see cars come off that main road at a high rate of speed, trail riding is so much more relaxing