• 04-15-2009
    Gary the No-Trash Cougar
    "5 Inexplicable Fixie Fashions" from Wired.com's Gadget Lab
    More fixie bashing, I know but it's all in good fun. :)

    "5 Inexplicable Fixie Fashions" from Wired.com's Gadget Lab

    You gotta love the Predator/BMX theme in the first pic! And as always, the comments at the bottom of the page are almost more amusing than the article itself. My favorite so far:


    fixed gear bikes rock. you can all suck my balls

    Posted by: You're all fags | Apr 15, 2009 1:16:32 PM
  • 04-15-2009
    Kinda harsh, but funny. If it takes being fashionable to get people to ride bikes, then I'm OK with it. A few will keep going when the fad has passed.
  • 04-16-2009
    Next to the BS I work at is a smaller, older BS. In fact the owner is the old owner of the BS I work at and my bosses ex-boss. Suitably confused yet? Good. Now, Mr. Chris is a funny old man and a great laugh. Verrrrry good at his work, spending his day slowly building up his almost infinite stock of old NOS frames, bits etc. He does it to pass his time, not for the money.
    Then the fixed craze hit Greece.... You should see his face whenever a Fixie walks into his store... He seriously does not understand them. In fact he tried getting rid of them by asking for high prices on older stuff...did not work. He is always left scratching his head after they leave.