The commute home today was the most exhilarating, challenging, and surprising moment of my biking career so far. It's roughly 6:15 pm and my boyfriend and I are getting geared up for our 7.8 mile ride. Upon stepping outside and acknowledging the ominous, expansive darkness hovering directly over us, I realized we were in for something heavy if we didn't get our asses ahead of this storm.

With a crack of thunder we were off and pedaling, fast. As the rain began to slowly start we stopped to assess the question only a p***y would ask: wait it out or press through? P***ies we are not, so ditching the single poncho we had we headed off with a swell of rain bursting at the seams. A short 1.5 miles put us onto the bike path which encompasses most of the ride. And with that this storm erupted into a 666 death ride. First came the rain, and you all know the kind--where even in a vehicle you're slowing up to 10 mph because you can't see **** in front of you. We were drenched in the first minute but the adrenaline was unbelievable. The trees around us were undulating up and down with each gust of wind, followed with even harder rainfall (which I wasn't sure was possible). Granted while all this is going on there is constant direct bolts of lighting and massive thunder claps. Still, either suck or die.

Pressing on started a form of precipitation I definitely did not expect, hail. Pretty decent hail too, I'd say small 25 cent bouncy ball sized. The rain and the hail beat the sh*t out of us the whole way with even more lighting and thunder as we approached the last 3 miles. Branches and debris littered the path and visibility was nonexistent. This weather was in no way safe for cars to be in let alone two bikers on a death quest home. In our last mile we saw another couple stopped on the side of the road, with the women crouched under a tree bawling her eyes out, a swift reminder of my fellow weak-hearted gender.

What's the best part of this story? We smashed our time by 10 minutes and raised our average by 4 mph. Total ride time: 27 min/27 sec, average speed: 16.2 mph, top speed 20.9 mph. Hands down best ride I've ever done, most exciting and unpredictable moment of biking yet. If I could ride home everyday in that mess I would gladly. Ride hard my friends, ride hard.