I got moved (mostly) up to Indy just in time to do this commuter celebration ride. It looks like the grand total was more than 1,000 riders who showed up this morning. It was great weather for a ride. Cold, but sunny most of the ride. We got police escort, so we got to take up just about the whole road, as there was no other traffic at all.

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Thousands brave the cold for bike ride downtown | Fox 59 News – fox59.com


No photos from me. The wife misplaced the battery charger for our rugged P&S camera. I briefly entertained the idea of using my GoPro, but decided against it. Other folks had their GoPros, but I'm not finding any vids from this year's ride.

<iframe width='465' height='548' frameborder='0' src='http://connect.garmin.com:80/activity/embed/258491810'></iframe>

This is the route, however. It followed the new Cultural Trail through downtown and towards Fountain Square where we then followed a separated bike lane to Pleasant Run (where the Pleasant Run Greenway is located) and followed it to Garfield Park, looped around the nearby neighborhood, and headed back to downtown. We stayed on the road because there was just better capacity for 1,000-ish people on bikes than on any of the paths. At times, we occupied 3 or more lanes. So it was kinda like a crit mass ride...except we had police escort, and the mayor was in the crowd.

It was a good time. Lots of people dressed up funny, a few people with radios on their bikes, nobody was in any big hurry. Tandems, trikes, beaters, full carbon high-zoot road bikes and mt bikes, and folks with decked out commuter bikes who belong in this forum. I rode my mtb, because my wife was on a mtb, and it'd have been unfair to her if I was on my commuter where I'm comfortable at 14-15mph.

Plus, we got tickets and a wristband for free Sun King craft beer at the end of the ride! And, since the ride started at the Indy Bike Hub at the City Market, we got to check out the winter farmer's market afterwards, were we found some delicious supplies for dinner.