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    2009 Giant Seek 2 opinions

    I'm considering one as a commuter bike, as my XC race bike is now just too valuable to risk locking up anywhere outside home. I seem to be able to get one for about $700 including California tax.

    Does anyone have any opinions? I'm interested particularly in people's experience of the brakes (Avid Juicy 3), crank (something from FSA I think, which I would convert to run a single big ring anyway), and wheels (can they stand up to a bit of curb-hopping?).

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    I was looking at that and also the Kona Dew Deluxe. Similar grade components I thought. I'd be interested in others' opinions too!

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    I can only offer what my LBS and a Bike shop on the north side of Milwaukee have experienced, and what I experienced on a test ride.

    The guy in Milwaukee has one himself, he is a clyde. he loves the bike and says many dealers are snapping these bikes up for themselves.

    My LBS has informed me that I will not kill that bike and that it is based on a mountain bike style of frame and equipment.

    On my test ride I found the bike to be very comfortable, very stable and very capable. It felt much more durable than the Trance and the Defy that I test drove that same day. I was going to purchase a Trance 2 until I rode the seek.

    As to the seek 2, if you are looking at the 2010 model they are mechanical disk brakes. If they are at all like those that were on my Ranier, they are very capable breaks. They stop well and they stop smooth.

    The 2010 Seek 1 is the same bike as the 2009 Seek 2, for the most part. This is the ride I am buying over the winter.

    Anyone else have any miles onone of these that can offer better advice than me?
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    Nice looking bike. Hydros on a commuter seem like overkill, but I suppose there's nothing wrong with it if you like them (I'd be inclined to swap them for mechanicals myself). I wouldn't think hopping curbs would give you much trouble either (unless they were extraordinarily high or something).
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    I test rode the Seek 1 on the weekend. It's too upright a riding position for me, but I think that could be fixed by flipping the stem, swapping the risers for a flat bar (I have a spare anyway so cost is zero) and of course raising the seat (the LBS example did not have a QR seat tube clamp and I didn't ask them to shift it as I didn't have time).

    The wheels feel pretty flexy but I guess I can't expect everything. The saddle looks like the rear end of someone who's had one too many meals at McDonald's, so that would have to go.

    Will think about it for a bit. Thanks for all the suggestions.

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