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    Thankfully, I've never encountered road rage while cycling on the streets. I have while longboarding, though people probably hate skaters more than cyclist. But I've certainly experienced plenty while driving a car over my life time, as I'm sure we all have. Sometimes, in the heat of the moment, they simply can't be reasoned with.

    Here's a good example of it (not me):

    I always keep a can of quality pepper spray within arms reach, especially when cycling. With mountain biking too - you just never know and it's not that big of an inconvenience, so why not? If you're living in a very shady area, I suppose a concealed carry permit would better but fat chance in CA.
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    We're all getting busier, more stressed and angrier. It's the way the world is headed unfortunately.

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    No road rage incidents on the bike for me. I have witnessed one or two in the car, though. A few stupid incidents but they happened and neither party dwelled. I've even had one or two incidents followed by constructive conversations with drivers that left me feeling oddly positive about the situation in the end.

    In the UK, though, based on many of the incidents I have been reading coming out of there in recent years, I definitely believe that road rage is increasing.

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    there's probably twice as many people in cars on basically the same roads that were there 20 years ago... even if there wasn't some greater social trend, that would still make road rage more common.

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    More cars, driving further distances to/from work, less new freeway/road construction resulting in more congestion. Drivers experience anxiety and a sense of helplessness which leads to aggression. I, on the other hand have seen verbal acts of road rage between drivers and cyclists replaced by non-verbal acts of drivers using there vehicles to intimidate cyclists. Anyone else?

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    Well, we have had consumer truck drivers (as opposed to pros) "Roll Coal" on us while riding down a dirt road with plenty of room and while cycling as far right as practical. I could not believe it frankly. I watched him do it to my 11 year old daughter just ahead of me, then to her 11 year old girl friend, and her mother a bit further down the road. Clearly intentional. I am glad I did not have a gun on me or I might have made it worse.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jrm View Post
    I, on the other hand have seen verbal acts of road rage between drivers and cyclists replaced by non-verbal acts of drivers using there vehicles to intimidate cyclists.
    I think it actually bugs me even more as a pedestrian.

    "I know that's a crosswalk. And I see that you want to cross. But I'm in a car. **** you."
    "I know the light is green, and that you want to cross. But I'm in a car, and I want to turn right. **** you."

    Same thing happens when I'm on the bike, but on the bike I can't punch back as easily.

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