• 08-18-2014
    2-kid school drop-off solutions? (3 and 6 year olds)
    I figure this qualifies as a commute question...

    Last year, my wife would drop off our 5 year old at school, with him on a trail-a-bike and our 2 year old on a WeeRide Kangaroo *which sits on the cross-bar.

    Fast-forward a year, and our now-3 year old is a bit too big for the WeeRide and we'd like to move him back onto a CoPilot style seat, which sits on a rear bike rack.

    But to do that will obstruct the trail-a-bike from attaching to the seat post.

    Has anyone else dealt with this? Given the car traffic, we're not ready for our 6 year old to ride his own bike to school yet. And we'd prefer to avoid buying another bike (though if anyone knows of a way to attach a trail-a-bike to the back of a cargo bike, I'd be interested to know about it).
  • 08-18-2014
    A bunch of people have attached a Burley Piccolo to a Big Dummy... Several different setups found via google; this one I've always liked... https://www.flickr.com/photos/gregcl...7626211503558/
  • 08-18-2014
    Like the Family forum, you might also cross post to the Cargo forum. Leopold Porkstacker no longer has his Dummy, but he fashioned a hitch on the back of the big dummy rack. OT would be 2009-2010 so that old a post is not coming up. Others may have done it too.
  • 08-19-2014
    How about a bakfiets?

    Room for kids and cargo!

    And oh-so-Euro...