11 GT Transeo

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  • 01-31-2011
    11 GT Transeo
    Just wondering if anyone has any impressions of the '11 GT Transco or Traffics (2.0 - 3.0)?

    I have a chance to get one for a killer price and I'm really looking for a weekender - something to ride down the bike path, to the farmers market, off to the bars. etc. How's the weight? Pushing up hills? Riding on pavement?

    Both seem to fit my needs and since I have a love of dirt, I'm leaning toward the Transco. This will be another quiver bike to fit in-between my full suspension MTB and my Sunday! Model C.

    Thanks in advance!
  • 01-31-2011
    I haven't ridden either, but for the riding you seem to be contemplating, I wouldn't want the extra weight and squish of the front fork. Put some slightly bigger tires on the Traffic and go where you want (within reason).
  • 02-01-2011
    Solid points - if only they sold GT's anywhere near where I live I'd check 'em in person...

    Does anyone have the weights of these bikes? GT likes to keep that a mystery it would seem.

    Also, that Transeo does have a locking fork, but maybe you're right - forgo the suspension and just get something that will roll with ease (anything to make the trek home from the bar a little easier)!
  • 09-10-2011
    Not sure about the weight...heavy I bet...So, did you end up getting one?

    I still have my 1996 GT Avalanche. It's still a good bike even though one of my daughters thinks it's hers. That was the last year GT was GT...I hate those big corporate buyouts...then again, GT bought Dyno and then Kustom Kruiser before it got gobbled up by a bigger company...talk about rambling...sorry!