• 12-17-2008
    The 1 Mile Solution Initiative
    Carbon Trace (a blogger from my Local Cyclist network) has put up an idea on change.org (obama's internet transition thing). The basic premise behind the 1 Mile Solution is that 28% of trips in the US are less than 1 mile. These short trips could realistically could be made by foot or bicycle and would have a huge environmental and health impact.

    1MS is a great initiative that I think we could all get behind. I would encourage you to read over CT's idea http://isocrates.us/bike/2008/12/the...soultion-vote/.

    Voting for this initiative takes a few seconds at this link http://www.change.org/ideas/view/the_1-mile_solution .
  • 12-18-2008
    Thanks for a good link
    Great link LC. Our car engines are far more thursty and dirty on short trips where the engine doesn't get completely warmed up. Cheers