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    Fatillac for sale.

    LenzSport Fatillac. Size medium.

    I'm 5'10" and I love the way it fits. I'd say it's apropos for normally proportioned people in the range of 5'7" to 5'11".

    I built this bike brand new, every part, late this past February.

    I rode it a tiny bit in March (not much because it was still too snowy) and then 2-3 times a week through April and May.

    And then basically didn't touch it until I plucked it from it's hook to clean it up to take these pictures.

    I have a standing rule that any bike that hasn't been used in 2 months is *gone*.

    This one just sat for 4. Time to go.

    The pics below tell most of the story. Happy to send them in full-res.

    These are 27.5" wheels with 3.8" tires. Kind of the best of all possible worlds when you're looking for an equal blend of float, speed, and rollover capability.

    Rear shock is a Monarch RT3 Debonair, 200 x 51mm stroke. All pics here show the bike with 5" levers, but I have the 6" versions as well. You can have one or the other, or both for a bit more.

    Fork is a Fox 34 Boost, with 150mm travel. It came new as 120mm. I installed a new air shaft and bath oil to increase it by 30mm. I probably have the 120mm shaft if you'd like to experiment with it.

    I built this bike with a very specific purpose in mind: To be able to comfortably, quickly, and efficiently ride pavement, gravel, and singletrack en route to or from what I *really* prefer to be riding: washes, arroyos, and 'off piste' rock.

    Knowing that these zones are messy, chossy, far from groomed, I opted for an 11 speed drivetrain, because 11 speed derailleurs have a much smaller form factor (they hang out less into harm's way) than 12 speed. I opted for a 46t cassette so that I'd still have stump-pulling uphill torque when needed.

    Fork stanchions are clean, smoove, perfect.

    Bars are the integrated Syncros Hixon IC SL. 50mm effective stem reach, 760mm width.

    Cork grips because they're comfy in a wide range of temperatures.

    I ran this bike with twist shifting most of the time because I'm habituated to it. I installed the above trigger shifter today: Brand new.

    Brakes are XT. 4 piston front, 2 piston rear, 180mm rotors on both ends.

    125mm Reverb Stealth, WTB Volt ti.

    The bike wasn't a garage queen: There are a handful of scratches on both the frame and fork lower legs, in the places you'd expect on a bike ridden in the desert.

    I had a custom frame bag made for it. It (and the top tube bag pictured) is included in the total price, but both can be excluded if desired.

    Cane Creek headset. 110 lower cup, Viscoset external cup. It is set on max damping right now and that's the way I always rode it. Damping can be removed completely if desired -- it's a pretty simple and slick system.

    DT Swiss 350 hubs, DT SuperComp triple butted spokes, DT Prolock nipples. Some dust visible because I rarely powerwash my bikes and *never* spray my hubs.

    4 piston caliper up front, 2 piston out back.

    Not pictured well above: Cranks are RaceFace Next carbon, BB is an RWC ceramic bearing unit, chainring is a 28t Wolftooth oval. There are lots of titanium bolts on the bike.

    Also included: 29" wheelset with 2.6" tires for days when the mood strikes to go light and fast.

    Hubs are DT Swiss Big Ride/350.

    Rims are NoTubes Baron. Tires are Bontrager XR4.

    Already tubeless. Wheels have been ridden fewer than 20 miles. Tires are brand new.

    I've written volumes about this chassis over the years that I've owned them. The bike is as dialed as any bike I've ever owned, but I've just not been riding it. Not for a lack of terrain -- there is heaps of it out the front, side, and back doors. Nope, I'm not riding it because none of my friends have a bike anywhere near as capable, so when I ride it I end up riding solo.

    Riding solo is good sometimes -- but I've had a literal lifetime of it already. And because none of my riding partners is even considering adding another bike to their quiver, it makes sense for me to divest myself of this one.

    Price = $5000 firm, and includes everything pictured above, as well as shipping to the lower 48.

    Please don't bother with lowball offers. The bike is worth every penny and more of my asking price, and I'm in no hurry to sell it.

    If you're seriously considering this bike, these are some options that we can discuss:

    -5" levers, 6" levers, or both.

    -RockShox rear shock pictured, also have a DT Swiss unit that works great on this bike for certain applications.

    -Frame bag and top tube 'gas tank' can be deleted for credit.

    -I have 24t and 26t chainrings for it.


    [email protected]

    Yes, this bike is located in Grand Junction, Colorado. Pick it up locally and save $125.

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    A great build on a phenomenal frame. For anyone who has experienced a fat full suspension, thereís none better than the Fatillac. Iíve owned them all and the Lenz may just be my favorite ride of all time. I can attest that the medium fits us slightly less than 5í7Ē riders.

    Mike, depending on how your sale goes, I could be interested in the 6Ē levers. Iíve got the 5ís and love how the bike rides, but you know, sometimes an extra inch is everything.

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    Also interested in a small SUV -- ideally an AWD Honda Element -- if anyone is interested in trading!

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    Price dropped by $500.

    Link to updated ad:


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    Wow. Thatís a lot of bike and a lot of extras for $4500. If I hadnít just ordered a new bike, Iíd seriously have to consider this one.

    Good luck on the sale and the move, Mike.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jncarpenter View Post

    Yup, audi.

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