I am trying to find out the story with Winiger Ridge (west of Boulder). I have heard conflicting stories about riding there, mainly it is or is not open to bikes, there is private property crossing, it is okay, etc. I was riding in Nederland and talked to some locals who said that they ride from Nederland to Boulder all the time on Winiger, and even mentioned riding on a trail on top of the ridge, which my map (Sky Terrain) shows as hiking only. I asked about private property, and they kind of dismissed it, saying that they and other Nederland/Magnolia locals rider thru there frequently, both from the Winiger Trailhead and along the top of the ridge, and just be courteous and you will not be hassled.

Still, I am always uncomfortable riding through known private property if the owners have not actively authorized riding through their land, and usually do the Nederland to Boulder ride by using CR 68J and CR 68 and riding on the road from Flagstaff.

Anybody have the semi-final word on this area? Note that I am not suggesting that I want to find out how to ride through private property or ride on illegal trails, but want to know what is acceptable and what is not.

As an aside, even without Winiger and Flagstaff, my ride today ended up with 25 miles of trails and loops around West and East Magnolia - hard to beat with only a 30 minute bus ride up to Nederland.